NuRAN Announces the Commercial Availability of the Telecom Infra Project’s OpenCellular OC-2G Base Station

NuRAN Wireless Inc. (“NuRAN Wireless” or the “Company”), a leading supplier of mobile and broadband wireless solutions is pleased to announce the commercial availability of the OpenCellular OC-2G base station at the 2017 TIP Summit.  OC-2G is being showcased at the Facebook booth and is also accessible to members of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP) community members within the TIP Community Lab program.

“The commercial availability of OpenCellular OC-2G is an exciting achievement for members of TIP’s OpenCellular project group who have contributed to this ambitious effort,” said Dr. Kashif Ali, Co-Chair of TIP’s OpenCellular project group. “OpenCellular OC-2G gives carriers a reliable and inexpensive solution for connecting rural populations.”

Founded in February 2016, TIP is an engineering-focused initiative driven by operators, suppliers, developers, integrators, and startups to disaggregate the traditional network deployment approach. The community’s collective aim is to collaborate on new technologies, examine new business approaches and spur new investments into the telecom space.  The founding members – Facebook, Deutsche Telekom, Intel, Nokia and SK Telecom – have been joined by numerous carriers, equipment vendors and systems integrators since TIP’s founding.

NuRAN announced the official introduction of OC-2G, the latest of three new products to emerge from the TIP initiative, at the OpenCellular Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya this summer. Production units of OC-2G are expected to ship in the first quarter of 2018. Pre-production units have been shipped to selected early adopters, and are undergoing trials. OC-2G will be available, along with OC-SDR and OC-LTE.

“We are very pleased to be involved in this important effort to bring connectivity to everyone everywhere. We are also excited to be involved with a number of TIP members from across the world to ensure the success and the quick adoption of the products emerging from such an important initiative. This is validation of our unique expertise and capacity to deliver optimized solutions for mobile operators to deploy, at the lowest cost possible, in new areas that were not previously connected. This is an important milestone for rural and remote communities.” states Martin Bedard, CEO and President of NuRAN Wireless Inc.

The OC-2G GSM base station was designed and contributed by NuRAN to TIP’s project group. Thanks to its extremely low total cost of ownership, it can provide connectivity to populations of less than 1,000 profitably. OC-2G may be deployed and operated anywhere with minimal infrastructure, as it effectively provides kilometres of coverage to mobile users, with power consumption similar to that of a residential Wi-Fi router.

OC-2G is available as part of the NuRAN Carrier Solutions (NCS) offering, in which it is combined with the Company’s Base Station Controller (BSC) to form a complete radio access network that seamlessly integrates to an operator’s core network. It is also available as part of NuRAN Open Access (NOA), which consists of open-source software as well as open interfaces at various layers of the mobile network protocol, and features higher-level functionalities such as network-in-a-box, and the Community Cellular Manager.

The hardware design of the system will be made available to the TIP OpenCellular project group, which is promoting greater access to mobile connectivity in remote areas through the development of open source and low-cost wireless access platforms.

The OC-2G offering is complementary to NuRAN’s LiteCell 1.5, which targets communities of 1500-20,000 inhabitants. These new product offerings will provide Nuran with new revenue streams and further expand NuRAN’s ever increasing footprint throughout the world.

Previously, NuRAN announced being selected as OEM and distributor of OC-SDR, the first product to emerge from TIP, and OC-LTE, a 4G eNodeB. Both are undergoing trials with select partners.