Integrated Intelligent Power Module to Solve the Problem of Motor Control

Motor is the core components of most electrical equipment, and also the most power consuming device. If we could effectively control the operation of the motor, it would be a great help in energy efficiency and attuning to the world trend of energy saving and carbon emission reduction. With the assistance of the intelligent power module (IPM), the operation efficiency of electrical devices will be effectively improved. The following is an introduction to the characteristics of the IPM.

Upgrade the efficiency and reliability of motor control application

There is a rising demand for high performance, environmental responsibility and the requirements of the government dictated for higher performance of electronic systems. The motor is the most energy consuming device (accounted for 40%-50% of world energy consumption) and thus a solution for motor control featuring high performance and high reliability is very critical.

There are many concerns and issues pertinent to the major design of the motor control architecture, of which efficiency in operation, reliability, low noise, and thermal resistance as well as the reduction of the space for the circuit board so as to make the design of the whole system handy are essential.

The merger between Fairchild Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor in 2016 made the IPM product portfolio of ON Semiconductor more complete. Fairchild’s Motion SPM Smart Power Modules combine years of expertise in power semiconductor technology, advanced packaging techniques, and application knowledge to create solutions for motor control and industrial inverter applications. By integrating motor drive and protection circuitry into a single package, SPM modules simplify and accelerate your system design and help optimize efficiency. SPM modules provide full-featured, high-performance three-phase inverter output stage and optimized gate drive technology to minimize EMI and losses, and provide multiple on-module protection features.

The built-in one HVIC translates the incoming logic-level gate inputs to the high-voltage, high-current drive signals required to properly drive the module’s internal MOSFETs or IGBTs. Three separate open-source / open emitter terminals are available for each phase to support the widest variety of control algorithms.

Motion SPM portfolio ranges from 40V to 1200V and supports from 20W to 7.5 kW providing design scalability to further reduce time to market. A wide variety of packaging options helps designers reduce form factors. Integrated SPM modules cover motor drive applications from small fan motors, pumps, power tools, and home appliances to high-power air conditioning units and industrial drives. The SPM modules are supported by design tools, reference designs, and evaluation boards to simplify and shorten the design cycle.

The SPM 3, a part of the portfolio of Motion SPM, supports 600V and 1200V, which covers a wide range of power applications up to 3kW. Separate open emitter terminals are available for each phase to support the widest variety of control algorithms. SPM 3 modules are offered in very low thermal resistance packaging Al2O3 DBC, ceramic substrate, and full Pak options.

The SPM 3 has been certified under the UL E209204 (UL1557) and features with low power NPT Trench IGBT (1200 V device) and FS3 IGBT (part of the 600 V new products). Through the built-in bootstrap diode and thermal detection unit (TSU), this device performs stronger and better protection. Its higher noise and surge immunity make it more reliable. With the use of DBC board at 1.1°C/W (maximum value), it has better thermal performance and can expand current rating up to 50A.

Of all the SPM 3 series, the FNB33060T is an advanced version of SPM 3 that supports 600 V – 30 A three-phase IGBT inverter, and features integrated gate driver and protection. The IGBT also features low power and nominal short circuit with Al2O3 DBC substrate for the realization of thermal-resistance at low level. The built-in bootstrap diode and exclusive Vs collector pin help to simplify the PCB layout and features an independent emission collector pin on the side of IGBT for detecting three-phase current. The use of single-phase grounding power supply supports the internal temperature detection of LVIC and could be used for temperature control. Optimization has been made for fitting the 5kHz switch and insulation could be up to 2500Vrms/minute.

There are other models with similar functions with only a difference in voltage and current, such as FNB34060T supports 600 V – 40 A, FNB35060T supports 600 V – 50 A, FSBB10CH120DF supports 1200 V – 10 A, FSBB15CH120DF supports 1200 V – 15 A, and FSBB20CH120DF supports 1200 V – 20 A. The variety of choices can satisfy the diversity of needs of the customers.

All products of the SPM 3 series are collector pin compatible ranging 3A~50A/600V and 10~20A/1200V. The products have good cooling feature and low loss, which are suitable for high power air-conditioner (3HP~7HP), compact industrial grade inverter, industrial pump, industrial fan motors, servo drivers, A/C sensor, BLDC, and PMSM motors related applications.

ON Semiconductor will continue to expand its Motion SPM series with ceaseless improvement in technology and innovation as well as its system expertise so as to help circuit design engineers to develop solutions for all types of motor controls, provide the widest breadth of packaging with optimized packaging for thermal performance, and feature high-power density and robust assembly. The products are durable, viable circuit and low loss of the switch. These features help to enhance reliability and reduce the time for design, and are the ideal choice for high voltage motor control application.

Technical Article by: ON Semiconductor