Canada takes home the hardware from IDTechEx Show!/Printed Electronics USA

Awards won by Memtronik Innovations, Myant & Co., Voltera

The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance congratulates its Canadian Members who claimed half the awards up for grabs last week at one of the global industry’s top conferences.

IDTechEx Show!/Printed Electronics USA in Santa Clara CA is a unique event that covers nine emerging technologies under one roof – 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage, Graphene and 2D Materials, Printed Electronics, IoT Applications, Sensors and Wearables.

Memtronik Innovations took the Best in Show Award for having the brightest, busiest and most innovative booth. Memtronik develops electronic surfaces – including membrane switches, touch screens, circuits and overlays – for electronics, home appliance, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, security, transport and wearable manufacturers.

“We are honored to win this award,” said Jessica Forget, Memtronik’s VP Business Development and Marketing. “The concept of our booth was really to have an innovative look and feel that well represents the printed electronics market and give participants the opportunity to interact with products and have a full end-user experience.”

Myant won the Best New Wearable Technology Device Award for SKIIN Smart Underwear. This comfortable and washable smart garment can detect signals from your body, including heart rate (ECG), breathing, motion and posture, temperature, hydration and body fat percentage.

“This is a fantastic recognition of all the hard work and dedication our talented team has delivered over the past two years to get SKIIN Smart Underwear ready for market,” said Tony Chahine, CEO of Myant. “We are building a platform that connects all humans, and this is the first step. Stay tuned for the full commercial launch in the new year.”

Voltera claimed the Best Product Award for its Voltera V-One, a desktop system for printing circuit boards, dispensing solder paste and reflowing components, allowing users to go from concept to creation in minutes.

We’re incredibly humbled and honoured given how the advancements in this industry are coming at a faster pace every year,” said Alroy Almeida, Co-Founder and CEO at Voltera. “The V-One was among the first products to introduce the broader electronics industry to the benefits of printed electronics and we are thrilled with how it’s being used as the proving ground for materials development by organizations all over the world.”

“All our intelliFLEX Members who attended the conference, the majority of whom were Canadian organizations, left attendees with little doubt that Canada’s industry ecosystem is strong and globally competitive,” said Peter Kallai, President and CEO of intelliFLEX. “We extend our sincerest congratulations to our winners and to all our Members who exhibited for once again putting on a great show. Our presence, and our impact, continues to grow every year at IDTechEx Show!/Printed Electronics USA.”