For Developing Sport Optics and Outdoor Recreation, NexOptic joined hands with NewDealDesign

NexOptic Intends to Equip Modern Outdoor Enthusiasts with Tools that Transform the way they See, Learn, and Connect with the World

NexOptic Technology Corp. (“NexOptic”)  is pleased to announce that it has engaged NewDealDesign of San Francisco, California, a global leader in strategic technology design, to aid the Company in developing its first consumer product for the sport optics and outdoor recreation markets. NexOptic’s first consumer product will be based on the Company’s innovative Blade Optics lens technologies and modern electronic interfaces.

NewDealDesign, led by its Founder and President Gadi Amit, is the strategic technology design firm behind some of the most innovative and market-winning products created over the last two decades. The team integrates cutting-edge technology, culture, and physical and digital experiences for the world’s top brands like Intel, Microsoft, Google, Fitbit, Comcast and many more.

Since its founding in 2000, NewDealDesign has received over 100 design awards, including Fast Company Magazine’s Most Innovative Design firm of 2016. The studio has produced some of the most iconic work in its industry, including the entire line of Fitbit Fitness Trackers. It also worked on the Google ARA modular phone and the Lytro camera.

Gadi Amit, President and founder of NewDealDesign, stated: “I believe humans are curious and always strive to discover a better, more meaningful view of our world. With NexOptic’s technology, we have the potential to transform the human experience of the outdoors and make it far more sharable, social and inclusive.”

In 2013, Michelle Obama presented NewDealDesign with the United States National Design Award for their unrelenting commitment to crafting delightful design in everyday tech objects. First launched at the White House in 2000 as an official project of the White House Millennium Council, the annual Awards program celebrates design in various disciplines as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the world, and seeks to increase national awareness of design by educating the public and promoting excellence, innovation, and lasting achievement.

Inaugural Outdoor Recreation Consumer Device

NexOptic’s first consumer product will incorporate a unique, compact form factor synonymous with Blade Optics. The device is being designed to have broad ranging outdoor recreational applicability, suitable for enhancing activities such as hiking, fishing, sporting events, wildlife viewing and more. NexOptic’s first consumer product is intended to leverage the software interactions consumers expect from modern devices while incorporating a transformative optical product design and feel. With the new design, the Company plans to marry optical precision and novel features intended to eliminate the traditional pain points for sport optics users of targeting and spotting.

As previously reported in 2016, NexOptic believes the sport optics market, in addition to mobile devices, are ideal initial target markets for the Company’s disruptive Blade Optics lens technologies; and the Company believes this segment has tremendous growth potential given the increased demand for connected devices and numerous applications for long range imaging.

In April of this year, The Outdoor Industry Association reported: “In 2016, nearly half of all Americans — 48.6% — reported participating in at least one outdoor activity. That equates to 144 million participants, who went on a total of 11 billion outdoor outings.”

 NewDealDesign has been retained by NexOptic to conceive, design, and assist in delivering to market the innovative inaugural product for Blade Optics. NewDealDesign will bring their integrative approach to strategy, design, engineering, product experience, and branding. NexOptic will own 100% of the finished product and its related IP developments.

“We are designing our first consumer product for the broad spectrum of outdoor activities, stated John Daugela, CEO of NexOptic. “We intend to create a product that has applicability for the hiker, hunter, fisherman, sports fan, wildlife observer and more.” He added: “There is a vast addressable market opportunity here for Blade Optics and its long-range viewing capabilities. Our goal is to equip modern outdoor enthusiasts with an innovative product that transforms the way they see, learn, and connect with the world.”

 In tandem with the development of its first commercial product, NexOptic continues to develop its mobile device lens stack design, intended for the smartphone marketplace (please see the Company’s October 7, 2017 news release for further information). A follow up news release is expected to be issued by the Company in the near term.

Stock Option Grant

NexOptic also reports that it has granted an aggregate of 1,610,000 stock options to employees, Directors, and consultants having an exercise price of $1.15 and a term of five years.

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