Augmate Partners with Brain Power to Improve AI-Powered Connected Devices

Partners align to promote device management solutions for overcoming brain challenges

Wearable device management company and “Gartner Cool Vendor” Augmate announced a partnership with Brain Power to improve connected devices powered by artificial intelligence. Brain Power, which develops neuroscience-based augmented reality, will work with Augmate to integrate devices through a single management platform to help people with brain-related challenges like autism and injury better function in their everyday lives. The Augmate Connect platform will provide device interoperability and security, supporting Brain Power’s use of artificial intelligence for predictive experience needs.

“Advances in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and interoperable device management are converging to deliver unprecedented opportunities for improving lives,” said Pete Wassell, Founder of Augmate. “We’re eager to collaborate with Brain Power to integrate forward-thinking solutions to their offerings.”

“It is my mission to create a new generation of assistive technologies that will empower millions of people with autism and other brain differences to live more fulfilling and successful lives,” said Dr. Ned T. Sahin, CEO of Brain Power. “We are excited to work with Augmate to realize and scale our range of intelligent wearable products.”

Beginning with Brain Power’s recently launched Empower Me system for autism, the partnership will expand to include additional devices and technologies for holistic awareness of a person’s needs and the ability to manage the use of those devices to better function as an individual. Augmate Connect is being developed to utilize distributed ledger technology and blockchain for improved data security and interoperability between devices. This will allow individuals to better utilize sensors and wearable devices securely, and with expanded capabilities for those with brain-related challenges.