Avnet Sponsors The Not Impossible Awards

Recognizing Emerging Technologies that Improve Lives

Avnet a leading global technology distributor, today announced its title sponsorship of The Not Impossible Awards, which recognizes the breakthrough achievements of innovators who share the Not Impossible Labs mission to create inventive technology that improves the well-being of others.

The Not Impossible Award winners will have their work recognized and showcased during CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Additionally, recipients selected to be part of the “Class of 2018” will receive world-class mentorship from the Not Impossible Advisory Council, comprised of industry leaders and experts, including Avnet’s Kevin Sellers, Chief Marketing Officer, and Jim Fusaro, senior vice president, design services and solutions development. Award recipients also receive opportunities to incubate and accelerate their work through participation in strategic partnerships with members of the Not Impossible network.

The Not Impossible Award winners will be able to take advantage of Avnet’s expertise on the requirements of getting their products to market depending on which stage of the development cycle they are in. After an initial consultation and assessment with each honoree, Avnet will provide insights on how to tackle such challenges as technology sourcing, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. Avnet has more than 2,500 engineers and nearly a million engineering community members who are part of the vast additional resources available to help innovators turn their ideas into a product through education, collaboration and high-quality design and supply-chain services.

“The Not Impossible Awards exemplify Avnet’s mission to ‘reach further’ and take new and innovative technologies from idea to design to production,” said Kevin Sellers, Chief Marketing Officer, Avnet. “Our sponsorship of the Not Impossible Awards underscores Avnet’s commitment to assisting companies around the world realize technology’s potential. Through the Avnet ecosystem, we’ll help guide these exciting projects to market and help further Not Impossible Labs’ mission to create technology for the sake of humanity.”

For 2018, The Not Impossible Awards, Powered by Avnet, recipients are:

  • DCTclock – The Not Impossible Connectivity Award for their utilization of connected devices to improve lives
  • ANDE – The Not Impossible Commitment Award for their dedication to evolving tools to progress public safety
  • BecDot – The Not Impossible Limitless Award for their ability to break through barriers
  • OffGridBox – The Not Impossible Ignition Award for their commitment to accessible energy
  • VR-Project Δ (Delta) and VR-Qualis Est Vita – The Not Impossible Vitality Award for their innovation in healthcare

In addition, Avnet is the presenting sponsor of the Internet of Things (IoT)-focused award category, The Not Impossible Connectivity Award.

The recipient of The Not Impossible Connectivity Award, the DCTclock from Digital Cognition Technologies (DCT), analyzes behavior signals that have to date remained hidden to traditional testing methods for detecting cognitive impairment from Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s. An inspired husband and wife team out of MIT created DCTclock, a diagnostic tool that leverages data and technology to transform the familiar Clock Drawing Test into a precise measure of cognitive function that can lead to early detection, better care and increased quality of life.

The Not Impossible Awards Show will take place on the evening of Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018 in the Zappos Theatre at Zappos Headquarters in downtown Las Vegas.

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