Edge Computing: Solution for Data Flood

We are progressing towards Smart and Connected world but have you ever thought how much data is generated per day and how it is processed to provide useful information.  By 2020, the connected devices number will grow to 50 billion and most amazing part of it is the data created and exchanged by them which will grow exponentially. According to Intel, Average internet user will use 1.5GB of traffic/ Day which is very small when compared to the data generated by devices as Connected Plane 5 TB/Day, Smart hospital (3TB/Day), Smart factories (3PB/Day) and Autonomous vehicles per car(4TB/Day).

Now you can realize the flood of data and to process this huge amount of information at real time, cloud computing is not sufficient. The Data flood will be controlled by Edge computing.


What is Edge Computing?

  • Edge computing is defined as the open IT architecture which processes the data at the edge of device network, where data is generated.
  • Data is processed by the device itself or by its nearby or local server instead of being transmitted to the data center or centralized data processing.
  • Today cloud has been centrally deployed on the global stage to process an enormous amount of data. The edge computing platform allows processing of some amount of data at the server placed between the user and centralized cloud. This factor makes the important data to be secure by sending it to the nearby server rather than a centralized or global computing platform.
  •  As the server in edge computing takes some of the data so it distributes the workload from the cloud as well as the device. This speeds up the applications that require low latency response.
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