Ignore Airplane-mode with future of Connected Aircraft in India

What your phone misses on a flight and Yes obvious answer is the connectivity to the internet!!  In today’s world of connected objects internet connectivity has become as important as water to us, so why not have this on the flight. Honeywell has revolutionaries the aerospace industry with its solution, “Connected Aircraft” and it will be a reality for India. The solution will allow all connectivity powered tasks while flying and now crew member won’t be telling you a couple of times to turn off your devices.  Let us see the brief idea of this amazing avionics technology.

The Connected Aircraft is for high-speed Wi-Fi in the skies, Honeywell delivers. The connectivity is not only reserved for the comfort of the passengers but it will make the aircraft journey safer, productive and efficient. The solution will transform the journey of skies like autonomous vehicles on roads.

 The connected aircraft will provide real-time environment information to flight crews for optimizing the route miles ahead of bad weather. The crew will be able to share and track the real-time data for reducing flight time, thus flight delays will be less.

Wireless data transfer will help to provide improved predictive maintenance, thus helps ground crew members to begin maintenance at a fast pace. This will cut troubleshoot time up to 25% and saves maintenance cost. The wireless real-time connectivity will help to improve situational awareness and receive timely alerts to maximize the reaction time.

For passengers, the departures will be on time and smooth. More in-flight entertainment with seamless connectivity to your online shows will make the journey memorable. The connected aircraft is not just a single solution, is comprised of interactive software applications, seamless wireless connectivity, well-designed hardware and many more. The other part of the world is already enjoying this service and we hope soon TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) will bring out its guidelines for bringing in-flight connectivity to India.

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