Signal Transformer’s Expanded Series of Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Lighting with Composite Molded Construction Technology

Cost-Effective, Quick Delivery, High Efficiency and Composite Molded Construction Technology are Notable Features

Signal Transformer announce their new SCIH1040HC and expanded SCIHP1367, SCIHP1350, SCIHP1338, SCIHP0718 and SCIHP0724 Series of Surface Mount Inductors (SMD) for Lighting Applications. These new series of SMD Inductors for Lighting complement existing Signal Series SMD SCRH5D28, SCRH129 and SCMS7D43AY.

Emergence of LEDs as the most efficient lighting is driving electronic technology of SMD inductors to ensure that LEDs are powered sufficiently to achieve the highest level of performance and luminescence. Increased importance is also placed on cost savings and quick delivery times by design engineers and OEM manufacturers who specify and build products which include LED lighting, including consumer, commercial, industrial, vehicle and emergency transportation, fire and security, gaming, medical and automation markets.

Utilizing an enhanced manufacturing process, Signal has implemented composite molded construction technology, which provides a uniform, seamless powder iron core platform, encapsulating the entire coil structure and exposing only the surface mount terminal elements. This ensures our SMD Inductors for Lighting are footprint compatible and easily substitutable to other manufacturers, as well as highly efficient, with high energy storage, high noise filtering, high saturation current, high moisture protection and low magnetic radiation. In addition, our SMDs feature the smallest height profile with an encapsulated body, which are self-shielding, have low noise, low self-heating and features a low DCR/L in package size, offering optimization of the PCB layout.

The new SCIH1040HC Series, expanded SCIHP1367, SCIHP1350, SCIHP1338, SCIHP0718 and SCIHP0724 Series, and the SCRH5D28, SCRH129, SCMS7D43AY, SMD Inductors for Lighting are currently in stock with Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow and Sager.