Alliance Memory at Embedded World 2019

Alliance Memory provides hard-to-find SRAMs, pseudo SRAMs, and DRAMs, including DDR, DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3 SDRAMs and mobile LPDDRs for legacy and new designs. Alliance Memory’s ICs provide reliable drop-in, pin-for-pin-compatible replacements for a number of similar solutions in industrial, automotive, medical, communications, telecom, and consumer electronics products requiring high memory bandwidth, and they are particularly well-suited to high performance in PC applications. The devices eliminate costly redesigns by providing long-term support for end-of-life (EOL) components. In addition, the company performs minimal or no die shrinks, which frees up engineering resources.

Alliance Memory Products on Display at Embedded World 2019

Alliance Memory Cuts Lead Times for Automotive Temperature DRAM Portfolio

Alliance Memory is now holding many of its DRAMs with -40°C to +105°C automotive temperature ratings in finished goods stock and has reduced the lead times for its most popular products to just six weeks. The company offers a complete lineup of automotive temperature CMOS SDRAMs, including double data rate (DDR), DDR2, and DDR3 devices in a wide range of densities. The AEC-Q100-compliant DRAMs are optimized for high temperature requirement applications, including Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS); powertrain; automotive active safety and autonomous driving; connectivity and in-vehicle-networking (IVN); carputers (customized PCs in cars); telematics; and infotainment systems. Link to product listing

High-Speed CMOS Pseudo SRAMs (PSRAM)

Alliance Memory will introduce a new family of high-speed CMOS pseudo SRAMs (PSRAMs) that combine the most desirable features of SRAMs and DRAMs to provide designers with easy-to-use, low-power, and cost-effective memory solutions for wireless, automotive, networking, and industrial applications. Available with densities from 8Mb to 128Mb in 6.0 mm x 7.0 mm x 1.0 mm 48-ball FPBGA and 4.0 mm by 4.0 mm by 1.0 mm 49-ball FPBGA packages, the devices offer industrial temperature ranges, fast access speeds of 70s, and operate from a single power supply of 1.7V to 1.95V or 2.6V to 3.3V. Power-saving features for the PSRAMs include auto temperature-compensated self-refresh (ATCSR); partial array self-refresh (PASR); and a deep power down (DPD) mode. Link to product listing

Alliance Memory Expands Low-Power SDRAM and Mobile LPDDR Portfolio

Alliance Memory’s SDRAM portfolio now features a wide variety of components that combine low power consumption with power-saving features to extend battery life in mobile devices. They include SDR (LPSDR), double data rate (LPDDR), and DDR2 (LPDDR2) devices. Featuring power consumption of 1.8V, the company’s LPSDR SDRAMs are available in densities of 128Mb, 256Mb, and 512Mb in 54-ball and 90-ball FBGA packages. LPDDR devices feature power consumption from 1.7V to 1.95V and densities of 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, and 2Gb in the 60-ball and 90-ball FBGA packages. Enabling ultra-slim designs, LPDDR2 SDRAMs offer power consumption of 1.2V/1.8V and densities of 1Gb, 2Gb, and 4Gb in the 134-ball FBGA package.

Alliance Memory Offering Discontinued Cypress Semiconductor CY62256 Low-Power SRAMs

Alliance Memory is collaborating with Cypress Semiconductor Corporation to help ensure ongoing availability of some of the CY62256 series 32k x 8 SRAMs, for which Cypress issued a product discontinuation notification with a last-time buy date of July 4, 2018. Pursuant to an arrangement between the companies, Alliance Memory will offer the popular devices with their original Cypress part numbers into 2019. Customers using the CY62256 may also at any time transition to Alliance Memory’s own direct replacement for this device, the AS6C62256 family, which is in stock at Digi-Key, Future, and Mouser.