AI Powered Solutions for Highway Lighting system, reduces Power consumption by 50%

Vision AI Activated Lighting, Intersection of IOT & AI to ensure energy savings.

Inkers, an AI Startup adds another successful deployment, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered solution, for Hynetic Smart Street Lights. The system integrated solution into the Hynetic Products is an AI Powered Highway Lighting system that works real time. The intersection of IoT and AI, combined with distributed computing frameworks allows for a feature-rich implementation of the technology that is highly optimized for safety while ensuring significant energy savings.

The integrated management platform can access and monitor key data from the street lights out in the field, providing necessary insights about the light’s environment. The system on real-time basis classifies moving objects like humans, vehicles, animals, or no-object, and adjusts the intensity of the light either by increasing or decreasing it to optimise the energy usage. In a nutshell, the Lighting automatically dials down the brightness when no one is around and restores radiance upon detecting the presence of oncoming activity.

With the smart Lighting, the Overall savings run into 50-60% of total electricity consumption, which runs into crores. Speaking on the collaboration, Mr.Manish Giri, Co-Founder, Inkers Technology said, “Inkers Technology is excited about the use of its NextGen Edge Computing Device running Vision AI solutions. This enables us for unprecedented technology integration with varied use cases like smart campuses, smart lights, Facial Recognition to name a few. We hope to enable Hynetic with our technology to address growing need globally for an intelligent energy management solution. We are also looking, to explore further avenues to use the unique technology in the fields of Retail and security going forward”

Mr.Shashank Donthi– Principal Architect, Technology Development, Hynetic says, “Having invested heavily in the design and development of an indigenous IoT platform for smart street light solutions, Hynetic is excited to take the technology a notch further. This collaboration allows for Hynetic and Inkers to explore new avenues that are ripe for adopting AI, and also helps put Indian technology on the global playing field. The biggest challenge for adoption of new technologies is the high cost of development and execution. By leveraging on each other’s expertise, the collaborative growth models helps bring costs down and reduce time to market of next gen tech

The future of street lighting, utilizes AI Algorithms, to suit perfectly the needs of the Modern World. The Smart Streetlights, is a great move for the urban cities, where Lighting is surely an expensive business.

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