Tele Post opts for Rohde & Schwarz Software Defined HF Radios

Rohde & Schwarz has been awarded a contract to supply eighteen (18) 1 kw HF transceivers to Tele Post for the Greenlandic coastal radio system. Tele Post maintains distress and safety control for shipping in Greenland waters. The telecommunications company handles maritime safety and emergency communications.

With the melting of ice in Arctic waters, an increasing number of ships are underway in the vicinity of the Greenlandic coastlines. Tele Post Greenland is preparing for this development and is expanding its coastal radio system. The Greenland telecommunications company has opted for Rohde & Schwarz M3SR Series4100 software defined HF radios.

Since 2016, Tele Post has been using R&S Series 4100 HF transmitters and receivers for transmitting and receiving voice communications to and from mainly civilian vessels in the Greenland area. Now, nine further locations are being equipped. It is planned to have all systems in operation by September 2019. Some of the sites are only accessible for five months each year. The redundant radio system is prepared for switch-over to full IP for control as well voice over IP (VoIP), which is planned for 2020.

Bo Christensen, head of project management for Tele Post said: “The coastal HF radios from Rohde & Schwarz ensure a very high operational availability. For us, this is an important advantage, in order to avoid system failures due to the extreme climatic conditions in Greenland in which our systems are operating.”

The R&S M3SR Series4100 HF radios are innovative, versatile software defined radios (SDR) that belong to the R&S M3SR radio family. They support frequency hopping and provide interoperability with the R&S M3TR family of tactical radios in all HF operating modes. The R&S M3SR Series4100 is a powerful radio platform that can be extended at any time for a safe, future-ready investment. Besides the existing HF House waveforms, the SDR will also support future waveforms that attain a suitable level of market acceptance and lead to international standards. A software update is all that is required.