Portable Go 1.6 battery for light mobility market

At the occasion of EICMA Motorcycle Show 2019 in Milan from 5 to 10 November 2019, Forsee Power launches its new Go 1.6 solution.

Forsee Power, introduces its new battery Go 1.6 at EICMA in Milan, Italy. The Go 1.6 battery is a turnkey portable solution for 2 or 3 wheelers manufacturers.
In addition to the existing offer of on-board batteries (Go 2 and GO 4), the new portable Go 1.6 battery is dedicated to the urban electro-mobility market.

One battery, two options

To meet market needs on the personal mobility segment Forsee Power has developed this new 48 V portable solution in two off-the-shelf versions: Go 1.6 Energy and Go 1.6 Power.

The Energy version is an affordable solution that delivers sufficient power and range for urban mobility applications such as 50cc equivalents.

The Power version has been developed to meet recurrent demands from manufacturers that want to offer a speed range of more than 50 kph so users can access faster roads.

For even higher autonomy, Go 1.6 batteries can be connected in parallel using the Forsee Power Switching Box solution (up to 3 batteries depending on volume available).

Weighting less than 11 kg, these solutions are extractible from the seat box making them easily transportable to be charged at home or at the office.