600 V CoolMOS S7 super junction MOSFET for low-frequency applications

Infineon launched 600 V CoolMOS S7 product family leads the way for power density and energy efficiency for applications where MOSFETs are switched at a low frequency.

The key features of the CoolMOS S7 product family include optimization for conduction performance, improved thermal resistance, and high-pulse current capability, all of these at the highest quality standards.

Applications for the devices are i.e. active bridge rectification, inverter stages, PLCs, power solid-state relay and solid-state circuit breakers. Furthermore, the 10 mΩ CoolMOS S7 MOSFET is the industry’s smallest RDS(on) device.

The product family has been developed to minimize conduction losses and ensure the fastest response time together with increased efficiency for low-frequency switching applications. CoolMOS S7 devices deliver even lower RDS(on) x A compared to CoolMOS 7 products to successfully trade-off switching losses for lower on-resistance and lower cost. The CoolMOS S7 products come with the lowest on-resistance (RDS(on)) in the market for a high-voltage switch.

Additionally, it has been achieved to fit the 10 mΩ chip into an innovative top side cooled QDPAK and the 22 mΩchip into a state-of-the-art small TO-leadless (TOLL) SMD package. These MOSFETs enable cost-effective, simple, compact and modular high-efficiency designs. Systems can easily meet regulations and energy efficiency certification standards (i.e., Titanium® for SMPS) as well as fulfill power budgets and reduce part count, heat sinks and total cost of ownership (TCO).