Exam Dumps – Your 100% Guarantee to Get Salesforce Developer Certification

If you take a look at those technologies and services that we are using today, you will learn that a lot of them use the concepts of Cloud computing. It brings multiple advantages and that is why there are so many companies that are trying to harness their power to provide the best experience to their customers.

One of the most widespread applications of Cloud technologies is CRM systems. There is a huge number of CRM products, but one stands out in particular.Salesforce is an American company that develops Author: DAWID G theself-titled CRM platform provided to the customers exclusively on the base of the SaaS model. Moreover, Salesforce has its own certification program. It offers several paths that can prove to be quite helpful in your career and one of those is the Salesforce Developer credential. Here we will discuss everything that you should know about this certificate.

How to Become Salesforce Developer Certified?

The Salesforce Developer certification path includes six credentials. These are B2C Commerce Developer, Author: HAIDER H JavaScript Developer I, Marketing Cloud Developer, Platform App Builder, Platform Developer I, and Platform Developer II.  Let’s dwell on each of these certificates briefly.

The first certification known as B2C Commerce Developer is intended for the individuals who have enough expertise to customize Salesforce, configure the platform, and manage the users.The JavaScript Developer I credential in its turn checks the candidates’ skills to develop front-end and/or back-end JavaScript applications work with the tools such as Lightning Web Components.The next Author: WOODY I certificate – Marketing Cloud Developer – is designed for thespecialists who have broad experience in developing across the whole Salesforce platform and are good at Marketing Cloud scripting languages.Salesforce Platform App Builder is all about using APIs and pre-built functions. You will be expected to build custom applications using these tools.The next badge that one can go for is Salesforce Platform Developer I, here they will learn how to build custom applications using the Visualforce framework and the Apex programming language.The last certification is Salesforce Platform Developer II. It validates the professionals’ ability to use more advanced features and techniques to solve complex problems.

How to Pass Salesforce Developer Certification Exams?

The exam format can vary for different certifications. However, one thing is common:thefee amounts to $200 across the board. Another point in common is the number and type of questions. As a rule, any Salesforce Developer test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The exam duration for the majority of credentials within this path is 105 minutes. The exception is only the Platform Author: BARNEY J Developer II certification test: it lasts 120 minutes.

As for the passing score, to obtain the Platform Developer I, JavaScript Developer I, and B2C Commerce Developer certificates, you need to give 65% of correct answers. For the Platform App Builder and Marketing Cloud Developer certification exams, the pass mark is 63%. To perform successfully in the Platform Developer II test, the students need to score 70%. So, if you want to ace your exam, you should use the relevant resources. You can start with training courses or study guides and continue with practice tests or exam dumps. The latest tools are ideal for any learner who wants to improve the knowledge base.

How to Benefit from Salesforce Developer Certification?

Salesforce is quite a popular platform among organizations from around the world and that is what makes its certified experts so valuable. Getting the Salesforce Developer badge entails certain benefits. First and foremost, it will be much easier for you to land a decent job. It is estimated that a Salesforce certified individual can earn anywhere Author: DEAN K between $69,000 and $86,000 annually. This should be reason enough to go for this sought-after certification.


Сloud computing is one of the most promising areas in the job market nowadays. Having the necessary skills and knowledge to work Author: JADEN L with the CRM systems such as Salesforce, you enhance your chances of building a successful career in the Cloud field. Obtain the Salesforce Developer credential now and explore limitless employment opportunities in the near future.