Efinix’s Trion Titanium FPGAs Tapeout at TSMC 16 nm Process Node

Efinix today announced the tapeout of its Ti60 FPGA at TSMC’s 16 nm process node. The device is the first in the Trion Titanium family and features the Quantum compute fabric for enhanced compute and acceleration capabilities. Titanium family devices offer 3x the operating frequency and occupy a quarter of the area when compared to the previous-generation Trion family devices. This makes them ideal for applications such as vision systems with embedded artificial intelligence and near data processing from data center to the edge.

The Ti60 will immediately be available under the Reconfigurable Acceleration Platform (RAP) initiative in die form, as a licensable core, and as a traditional packaged FPGA. The RAP initiative makes Efinix FPGA technology readily available in a variety of packaging options facilitating System in Package (SiP) and highly integrated applications. RAP also offers a series of software abstractions to speed time to market with embedded accelerators for the RISC-V cores available on Efinix devices.

“Going forward, there are many markets such as wireless infrastructure and high volume ASSPs that are not well served by traditionally packaged FPGAs due to power and cost,” said Sammy Cheung, Efinix co-founder, CEO and president. “By making the Titanium family part of our groundbreaking RAP initiative, we are making Quantum technology with embedded RISC-V cores available to those markets. This will unlock the enormous potential of FPGAs and speed time to market in embedded solutions and ASSPs for near data and heterogeneous compute applications.”

Efinix is extending its collaborative relationship with TSMC beyond the 16 nm Titanium engagement and has started development activities on its next generation products in TSMC’s high performance 5 nm process node. Through these programs and the RAP initiative, Efinix will make Quantum cores available in 16 nm, 12 nm, and 5 nm process nodes and in densities ranging from 10K LEs to 5M LEs.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Efinix using our industry-leading manufacturing techniques to deliver the Trion Titanium to market,” said Lucas Tsai, Director of Business Management at TSMC North America. “We look forward to a continued partnership with Efinix to enable innovative high-density FPGA products with TSMC’s advanced process technologies.”