Si823Hx Gate Driver Board for WolfPACK Power Modules

New isolated gate driver board delivers compact, high-performance design for power modules

Silicon Labs introduced the new Si823Hx Gate Driver Board, an all-in-one isolation solution perfectly suited for the recently launched Wolfspeed WolfPACK power module. Wolfspeed power modules are used across numerous power applications, including EV chargers and motor drives in the industrial and automotive markets. Featuring the Si823Hx isolated gate driver and Si88xx digital isolator with integrated dc-dc converter, the board delivers excellent performance in a compact and cost-effective design, optimized for a wide range of modules.

“Power electronics engineers face many challenges when designing high-power systems, from space constraints to safety requirements,” said Brian Mirkin, vice president and general manager of Power Products at Silicon Labs. “The Silicon Labs Si823Hx gate driver board is an efficient, high-performance solution designed to simplify the development of systems using power modules.”

Silicon Labs’ isolated gate driver technology is leveraged for a variety of power applications including high-power converters and inverters, motor and traction drives and electric vehicle (EV) chargers. The Si823Hx gate driver board delivers superior performance to efficiently drive and protect power modules employing any switch technology, including advanced Silicon Carbide (SiC) based modules, used in the most demanding high-power applications.

The two-channel Si823Hx isolated gate driver delivers unmatched value with built-in dead-time control and overlap protection in a small package, enabling it to drive a half-bridge topology safely and with minimal design effort. The highly integrated Si88xx device not only communicates power module temperature to the controller, but also generates all the power supplies for the board, further reducing costs and simplifying the design.

A complete suite of design resources, developed in partnership with Wolfspeed, are available to jump-start your Wolfspeed WolfPACK evaluation and development including a reference design, evaluation test fixture, and system test report.