Wide Input, 3 Amp PoL has a tiny 3 X 3mm Footprint

RECOM announces the launch of the RPL-3.0, an ultra-compact, low cost, LGA point of load converter with wide-range input and adjustable output.

RECOM has taken its ‘3D power packaging’ concept to a higher level with the launch of the RPL-3.0, a tiny, high efficiency point of load converter rated at 3 amps, with wide input range from 3V to 18V and adjustable output from 0.8V to 5.2V. The 10-pad thermally-enhanced LGA device incorporates an integrated inductor and substrate-embedded control IC, all in a3 x 3mm footprint with a profile of 1.45mm. The RPL-3.0 features full functionality with tight voltage regulation, comprehensive protection, output voltage sensing, on/off control, and a power good signal. Just input/output capacitors and voltage setting resistors are required for a complete PoL solution for operation up to 120°C with suitable derating.

The RPL-3.0 is ideally suited for distributed power architectures, portable equipment, imaging systems, and general telecom/industrial applications where high current and high power density are important. An evaluation board RPL-3.0-EVM-1 is available to demonstrate the device performance in customers’ applications.

Matthew Dauterive, RECOM DC/DC Product Manager comments, “With its three-amp rating, wide input and output range and tiny footprint, our new RPL-3.0 point of load converter achieves performance that can’t be matched by a discrete solution in the same space. The product supports our motto of ‘RECOM for’ – highest power density”.

For more information, please visit www.recom-power.com

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