LDO Linear Regulator Featuring Ultra-Fast Transient Response for UFS-Based Multi-Chip Packages

Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation has released a new Low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator featuring an ultra-fast transient response for a Universal Flash Storage (UFS)-based Multi-Chip Package (MCP).

UFS is an advanced version of an Embedded Multi-Media Controller (eMMC), which was developed for concurrent read and write performance at higher speeds. UFS-based MCP is a memory module that integrates UFS controller and memory ICs, such as DRAM or NAND flash. It is mainly used for the storage function in smartphones.

Magnachip’s LDO linear regulator is designed for the power supply of NAND flash in UFS-based MCP with an input voltage of up to 500mA. It reduces input noise with its power supply rejection ratio function, while providing a low-leakage current of 75uA in deep sleep mode, which will enhance battery life and power efficiency.

A key feature of this new product is ultra-fast transient response, minimizing output-voltage fluctuations. Frequent changes in voltage normally occur in UFS-based MCPs due to varying levels of read and write performance. However, ultra-fast transient response regulates these fluctuations to a steady state within 100 nanoseconds. 

The line regulation and load regulation in UFS-based MCP is maintained at 0.2% and 0.5% respectively, which will guarantee stable power supply. In addition, the dropout voltage is as low as 0.3V, which makes the linear regulator perfect for low-power domain operations of batteries. 

This linear regulator also ensures robust circuit protection, such as overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown and the power good signal, which indicates that all of the output voltages are within specification.

The demand for advanced power ICs is growing as electronic devices become more sophisticated and have increasingly stringent requirements for stable and efficient power supply,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “We will continuously expand our Power IC portfolio by delivering premium products for a wide range of data storage applications.”