element14 launches new global podcast ‘The Innovation Experts’

Series 1 of The Innovation Experts podcast shares the views of the world’s leading industry experts in test & measurement to uncover key trends, challenges, products & tools that drive innovation

element14 has launched a new global podcast series, The Innovation Experts. Exploring the latest innovations in the world of electronics, the first series investigates how test and measurement equipment is key to enabling technological innovation.    

The podcast series features interviews with experts from the world’s leading test and measurement equipment suppliers including Tektronix, Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, Pico Technology, Hioki and Fluke, to understand how they are helping customers drive innovation across a wide variety of real-world applications. Thepodcasts provide valuable insights for buyers and design, development and systems engineers as well as amateur test enthusiasts wanting to stay up to date with the latest trends, challenges, products, tools and applications.

“Changes in technology and rapid modernisation are placing greater demands on test and measurement equipment manufacturers – and they have responded by utilising new technological advances in industrial automation and control technology combined with the integration of connected devices through IoT and IIoT to bring to market the most cutting-edge and innovative products,” said James McGregor, Global Head of Test & Tools at element14. “Engineers are now measuring, testing, analysing, recording and displaying data on almost every application in the world around us, from factory automation, medical applications and transportation through to checking defects in high-performance and power-efficient consumer products. Test equipment – and test engineers – have never been more important in driving technological innovation around the world.”

With new episodes released every two weeks, The Innovation Experts podcast will cover topics including how test and measurement equipment enables innovation at tiny start-ups right through to large blue-chip organisations, how cutting-edge test tools support innovative battery design for electric vehicles and much more.

The debut episode of the series focuses on how Pico Technology’s PC-based oscilloscopes and RF testing products have enabled hybrid working and new ways of remote learning throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Mike Purday, Business Development Manager from Pico Technology, joins element14’s Global Head of Technical Marketing and electrical engineer Cliff Ortmeyer, to discuss the capabilities and impact of using low-cost PC-based scopes through to high-performance products for a range of innovative – and unexpected – applications, from tattoo removal to monitoring the temperature of penguin eggs.

Cliff Ortmeyer, Global Head of Technical Marketing at element14 and host of The Innovation Experts, said: “With this podcast, we wanted to hear from the experts right on the cutting edge of technological innovation in the test space. Over the course of the series, I speak with leaders from some of the largest test and measurement equipment manufacturers around the globe to find out how they deliver innovative solutions and empower their customers to build an exciting future. I’m delighted to have spoken to influential experts in this industry and we hope the test and measurement community will find their insights helpful and interesting.”

Responding to the growth of test and measurement globally, element14 has invested significantly over the last 12 months to build a comprehensive portfolio which includes the latest solutions from world leading suppliers. element14’s in-stock range of test and tool products includes oscilloscopes, power suppliers, signal generators and digital multimeters, as well as soldering products, hand tools and 3D printers. Free technical support is available to customers 24/5 from element14’s in-house test and measurement specialists as well as access to online resources, data sheets, application notes, videos and webinars.

The Innovation Experts is freely available from all major podcast providers including Spotify, Apple Music, Alexa and more.

The first episode, featuring Pico Technology, is available now on element14’s new Technical Resources Hub.