Radiant debuts Solutions for Production-Level Display Testing at Korea’s Largest Display Exhibition

Radiant Vision Systems will exhibit for the first time at the 21st annual International Meeting on Information Display (IMID). From booth B-12, Radiant will debut all-new imaging solutions for production-level display inspection and demonstrate its latest high-resolution imaging photometers and colorimeters in display test applications from consumer electronics to automotive. The IMID 2021 exhibition will be held as a hybrid event with live exhibition taking place at Coex in Seoul, Korea, from August 25-27, 2021.

The largest national display exhibition in Korea, IMID provides a forum for major brands and suppliers across the electronic display supply chain to exchange knowledge and innovation to promote the development of new products and technologies. IMID combines a live technical conference, networking events, and exhibition at Coex convention center, with program presentations to be broadcast online for remote access. The IMID exhibition will host exhibitors from all areas of the display ecosystem including display technology (OLED, microLED, flexible, touch, automotive), display equipment (manufacture, test, measurement), and display materials (glass, backlight units, polarizing films, and electronics).

From booth B-12, Radiant Vision Systems will exhibit equipment for automated display test, measurement, and correction. Radiant’s product demonstrations will emphasize production-level quality control and show how unique combinations of image-based metrology systems, lenses, and software optimize efficiency and accuracy for evaluating the visual performance of any display or display integration. The Radiant booth will host seven demos, including:

  • Pixel-level measurement and correction (demura) of OLED, miniLED, and microLED
  • Specialized optics for evaluating augmented reality displays from inside AR smart glasses
  • Fourier optic lenses for single-image evaluation of angular light emitted from:
    • Displays (view angle measurement)
    • Light sources (near-infrared intensity of sources used in IR sensing systems)
  • Solutions for automotive head-up display (HUD) testing

Another demonstration at the Radiant booth will feature the new ProMetric I61 (61-megapixel) Imaging Colorimeter, released May 17, 2021—the latest solution in Radiant’s line of ProMetric Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers. The ProMetric I61 quantifies values of luminance, chromaticity, and intensity across millions of data points in seconds. With integrated tristimulus color filter, color measurement is achieved by combining multiple full-color images of a display to measure chromaticity values accurately according to CIE functions (describing standard human visual response). Tristimulus color filter systems capitalize on the full resolution of the system’s integrated sensor for measurement, rather than sacrificing imaging resolution through demosaicing or interpolation of color values as in RGB color imaging systems. This enables the ProMetric I61 to apply full sensor resolution to measure all light-emitting elements across a high-resolution display at once (for example, all subpixels in an OLED or microLED display), accurately evaluate discrepancies in brightness or color output, and calculate coefficients for adjusting the display to perfect uniformity—a process known as pixel uniformity correction or demura.

Radiant’s last demonstration at IMID debuts an all-new display test solution that leverages its ProMetric imaging colorimeter technology to measure values of luminance and chromaticity with the highest accuracy possible using an imaging system. Display manufacturers can apply this solution in labs or production lines to maintain repeatability over numerous repeat inspections or adapt imaging equipment quickly and easily to measure new displays with accuracy. Attendees of the IMID 2021 live exhibition will be the first to see this solution in action and have the opportunity to discuss applications with the Radiant Korea team.

Registration options for IMID 2021 include hybrid live/online or online-only passes. Prospective attendees can pre-register for a free pass until August 24 at imidex.org/eng/attendee/apply.php.

IMID program and exhibit information is available at www.imid.or.kr/2021. Visitors can see Radiant solutions at IMID booth B-12 from August 25-27, or online at www.RadiantVisionSystems.com.