The 7 Advantages of Using a Running Watch

More miles, improved sleep, and better pace will all aid your overall running. It’s said that whatever gets measured gets managed. And with dedicated running watches becoming more popular, there is enough data to help you achieve your goals. But how much are we trying to put those figures to work?

Aside from the ability to race yourself, track your splits, and surpass your recent PB, most wearables provide a host of other capabilities that will help you run quicker for longer periods of time. Today’s wearables can assess and improve your mental and physical health away from the track, making long-term running more enjoyable. Here are a few lesser-known advantages of running watches that may help you thrive.

Data becomes your friend 

Record a huge quantity of important information with ease. Specifically, GPS running watches are helpful for recording a lot of data when jogging. Do you want to improve your cadence? Do you want to know how much training you’ll be doing this week? Everything you need is there at your fingertips. Track your cadence and stride length over time and see the improvements rolling in.


We like fashion. Clothing that makes us feel good about ourselves is important for increasing our self-esteem.

Style enables us to express ourselves as individuals, explore different aspects of our personality, and present ourselves in a unique way in society. Have you ever felt a rush of euphoria after purchasing a new garment that you knew you looked good in? There is no denying that style is important to individuals.

Wearing a running watch is an essential part of every runner’s style, which is why they’re a really good investment.

Because manufacturers understand the importance of aesthetics for runners, they aim to make them sleek and attractive. Watches are usually sporty, eccentric, and also have a high-end feel about them. There are many kinds to select from, and one will definitely pique your interest.

Run with care

Leave your WhatsApp group messages to pile up and break free from the shackles of modern technology – at least without the weight of your phone in your pocket.

If you want to fight the ‘gadgetisation’ of running but can’t live without the reassuring presence of an Apple device, consider the Apple Watch Series 6 or Garmin Fenix 6. Because you can enjoy your run whilst getting those all-important notifications delivered to your wrist at a quick glance.

Rest and recover

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 1-2 rest days each week. But this may vary depending on the person. If you’re weary and your watch shows that your morning resting heart rate has risen by 5-10 beats, you should take a day off. It’s up to you whether you want to put your feet up or take 10k leisurely steps around the shops or on a café crawl.

Are you worried that breaking your routine will drain your motivation? On your off days, the Fitbit Ionic’s “guided breathing” app will assist you in relaxing and remaining alert.

Many watches now monitor your sleep and recovery time as standard. For example, on modern Garmin devices, the branded ‘Body Battery’ feature calculates this depending on your training load and resting activities, enabling you to better understand your body and its needs.

Alter your exercise regimen

Cross-training sessions known as’ active recovery’ may help you improve as a runner, decrease the probability of running-related problems, and offer a familiar alternative fitness focus if they do occur.

Alter your route

Break up the monotony that may hinder motivation by including a variety of terrain in your training for a more balanced workout. Route mapping is often reserved for trail-oriented watches like the Suunto Spartan Sport. Create a route online, download it to your watch, and go on a trip to new vistas without worrying about where you’ve ended up.

Doing so in unknown territory generates new neural connections, which gives your brain a boost – and it’s doubly helpful if you’re doing an errand.

See into the future

If you utilise your running watch properly, it will learn about your performance. Although one with data-driven psychic powers. Even if you think you know what you’re capable of after those Sunday morning exercises, seeing the numbers is always reassuring.

The Garmin Forerunner 235 has a ‘race predictor,‘ which predicts how long it will take to complete a 5k, 10k, or marathon. You now have access to a digital organiser, which is useful for predicting when you’ll need to book a table for that post-race dinner.