How long does an aerial installation take?

How long does an aerial installation take?

In most cases, it will take between one and four hours to perform a TV Aerial Installation. There are a variety of variables that influence this, though. The size of a property, as well as the height of the property, may cause an installation to take somewhat longer than usual.

Some big ancient buildings also have thicker walls, making drilling more difficult. The amount of cable required to go around the perimeter of a big property will be greater as well. If the aerial is to be mounted atop the chimney stack, a bracket, lashing kit, as well as coaxial cable will be required for installation from the aerial to the room in which the television will be located. In addition, if the client wants coax to be extended into several rooms around the home, this is another typical issue that will influence the time it takes to complete the installation. Including additional points will, without a doubt, take more time. Installing an antenna on an exterior wall will also need the installation of a bracket and the routing of wires outside.

Nowadays, consumers prefer to have their aerials placed in the loft; most new construction homes already have all of the coax extended up into the attic area, in which case a loft spike or a tiny bracket mounted on one of the loft joists would be needed to hold the aerial. Once the aerials have been safely placed, the expert will meter the signal into the closest mast before tuning in the TVs and verifying that you are getting all of the channels at their finest quality possible.

Factors that affect aerial installation


The cost and how long the aerial installation takes are heavily influenced by the location of the building where the aerial will be placed. The location of your home, the terrain of the surrounding area, and even the presence of nearby buildings will all have an impact on not just the strength of your signal, but also whether or not you will have to make further modifications in order to obtain the optimum transmission. If you are not up to installing an aerial yourself and do not have the required level of expertise, then you could look online for professional tv aerial installation Coventry (or closer to where you live) who will have all the right tools and skills set to get your TV aerial up and running as soon as possible.

The Length of Pole

Occasionally, you may find that your TV aerial pole is just not placed on a long enough pole for your viewing pleasure. However, it is essential to exercise caution when following the advice of tradespeople since it is typical for contractors to sell additional poles in order to increase the cost of the project.

Take the time to examine the aerials of your neighbors in order to prevent this. In the event that they are all much lengthier than usual, it indicates that your region is experiencing low signal strength, and you will most likely need to install anything comparable. However, if everyone has a standard-sized pole, be wary of tradespeople who attempt to convince you differently.


The installation of a completely new system will need the installation of new wiring to transmit the signal from the antenna to your television. This may be one of the more expensive aspects of the project since, although the materials themselves are not expensive, making holes and routing the wires through your home needs some technical expertise. It is possible that you may have to do some extra aesthetic redesigning as well, which will raise the total cost of the aerial installation.

Splitters and Amplifiers

A larger aerial pole may be required, as well as an amplifier to improve the signal quality, depending on your location. Aside from that, if you want to have more than one television plug-in point, you’ll have to make sure that the cable is properly divided so that you can maintain a strong signal strength in both outlets. Unsurprisingly, each of these considerations will increase the time of your installation by a little amount.

Installer’s Skill Level

Regrettably, the television aerial installation business is replete with unscrupulous operators that will give you a low price in order to get the job. Additionally, there is a high degree of up-selling since there isn’t a lot of money to be gained by just attaching a new aerial to a pre-existing telephone pole. As a consequence, you’ll often discover that installers try to upsell you on unnecessary extras such as a longer pole or additional wiring when they aren’t necessary.

In the case of a competent and well-regarded company, you can anticipate spending a bit more money on their services. You may, at least, be sure that you’re working with someone who understands what they’re doing and will provide you with the most reliable signal possible.

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How much does aerial installation cost?

Fortunately, the cost of installing a new antenna is not too expensive. It is reasonable to anticipate spending between £50 and £140 for an aerial replacement if just the aerial itself is being replaced. The amount you pay will depend on the size of the business that you employ and the region in which you reside.

The cost of installing a complete aerial system, pole, wiring, and additional sockets may vary from £120 to almost £300. Regardless of the magnitude of the damage

Is It Difficult To Install A TV Antenna?

Aerials for televisions are do-it-yourself projects, but they need a lot of patience. Because most instruction manuals are very thorough, it is simple to assemble the gadget and connect the cables. The most difficult aspect is obtaining a television signal. The location and angle are critical, and if they are not done correctly, you will have poor television reception.

The task gets much more complex if you have an outside aerial installed. Your concentration is now divided between obtaining the best signal and ensuring that you do not tumble over the top of the building. You must also consider the implications of your actions on your neighbors. If you are not trained, it is very hazardous to try this on your own.

In a nutshell, it depends on the situation. Whenever you have an outside set up, it may be preferable for everyone involved if you employ a professional aerial engineer to oversee the project. They have the equipment and expertise required to ensure that the work is completed without incident.


In most cases, it takes between 2-4 hours to install a television aerial. Take that range, on the other hand, with a grain of salt. If you need an inside aerial and reside close to a television transmitter, the installation process may take less than an hour. However, if you need a roof aerial and wish to link it to numerous locations around the house, the time may be closer to 6 hours. When scheduling a professional aerial technician, it is advisable to set aside half a day to guarantee that the work is completed correctly the first time. To know more about aerial installation, visit this website and stay connected with the Tv aerial installers belfast.

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