350W Upgraded String-powered DC/DC converter for solar trackers by MORNSUN


With the technology breakthrough, MORNSUN launched the upgraded PV350-29Bxx (TR) series with higher power, better performance, and higher efficiency based on the hot selling series PV200-29Bxx. This series has the features of ultra-high voltage input, wide operating temperature, high efficiency and small size, etc. The safety design comply with CSA/CE/UL requirements, which is satisfy the high reliability requirements of customers, and this new TR series are with 5-year warranty.


1) The upgraded PV String-powered power solution

The wide input voltage of 300-1500VDC(up to 1700VDC  for the duration of 10s), which is taking power from high-voltage Strings BUS directly, greatly simplifies the power system design:

① No need for additional PV panels, getting more effective power generation space and improving the economic benefits;

② No need for additional power lines, easy to install and maintenance, saving cost of the whole system.

  • Greatly reduction of the costs of the whole solar tracking system

The 350W high power density PV350 module allows a single Tracker to drive more PV panels, reducing the number of Trackers required per megawatt and reduce overall costs by an estimated 30%.

  • High insulation and high reliability

① Isolation withstand voltage 4000VAC: Reinforced insulation between the primary and secondary side, the withstand voltages of primary-ground and secondary-ground are 4000VAC.

② multiple protections: Input under-voltage protection, reverse input voltage protection, over-temperature protection, and output short circuit, output over-current, as well as output over-voltage protection.

③ The product meets UL1741, EN62109 certification requirements, and can be operating up to 5000m altitude, safe and reliable.

  • Wide operating temperature range, ultra-low power consumption, high efficiency

① Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃.

② Efficiency up to 92%.

  • Multiple patented technology


It can be widely used in PV industry such as combiner box, Solar tracking system, central inverter, string inverter, PV energy storage, PV water pumping system, etc..

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