obsolete component

Sourcing for obsolete electronic components has never been easier with BD Electronics. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring you high-quality electronic components from anywhere in the industry. BD Electronics is confident in providing you with various obsolete electronic components, shortage electronic components, and hard-to-find electronic components.

Why choose BD Electronics?

BD Electronics is a European-based B2B electronic goods distributor, delivering its services worldwide. It is renowned for its world-class efficiency, quality services, and unique ability to procure obsolete electronic components that are almost impossible to find in the electronics market.

We have been delivering our services to electronic goods manufacturers since 2015. During that time, we have developed an immensely responsive supply chain network that enables us to provide electronic components to our customers in the least possible time. This has helped us to dominate the electronic component distribution market in the US and Europe, with our supply chain quickly spreading its wings over the Indian and Asian markets.

With the world reliant on electronics-based technology for its day-to-day activities, the demand for electronic products is increasing. Electronic product manufacturers require suppliers to fill their production lines with electronic components. We are ready for any incoming orders. We can initiate a delivery as soon as an order is placed through a distribution centre nearest the location to provide the quickest delivery with reliable logistics support.

Specialists in finding scarce components

We are proud to be the distributor that can supply the otherwise obsolete components in the electronic market. We have links with component providers all over the globe and can find these rare components with relative ease. Furthermore, our customers whose products require specific scarce components love us for coming through for them whenever they need us the most.

Fastest response time

As a global brand that only deals in B2B, we clearly understand our customers’ expectations. Without a shadow of a doubt, we consider response time to be an absolute priority for our customers. Being aware of the requirements of our customers, we have designed our supply chain for the fastest response time with our distribution centres spreading over all the continents, be it the USA, Europe, South Asia, Australia, or Africa. That way, we will ensure quick delivery of your components no matter where you place your order.

Best supplier network

Our supplier network is superior to all in the electronic goods industry. Using our state-of-the-art logistics support, our unique relationships with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and our special bond with local distributors, we have developed an efficient network that helps us deliver electronic components faster than anyone else, and we can do this with absolute consistency and reliability.

Finest customer service

We consider customer service to be one of the difference-makers in customer satisfaction. This is why we have trained our customer relationship management agents to respond promptly and always be available with transparent communication. As a result, BD Electronics Ltd. ensures all our customers’ queries are answered, their doubts cleared, and their insecurities neutralised.

New Strategies and Forging Connections

On average, many electronic components such as semiconductors go obsolete within or shortly after 3 years of being introduced to the market. Production for these electronic components stops when the manufacturer issues an End of Life (EOL) notice to their clients. Once the EOL notice is sent out, the component becomes obsolete from that point onwards and becomes much harder to find and acquire aside from rising value.

This is also why obsolete electronic components distributors like BD Electronics have an important place in the market. With the contemporary design and behaviour of the current electronics industry, obsolete electronic components stockers and distributors are in high demand because of the continuously increasing catalogues of phased-out components.

Here are some strategies BD Electronics used to fulfil the company’s mission and vision.

Effectively Sourcing the Open Market

Often, when electronic components are announced or classified as obsolete, customers will have no choice but to try and source the components online or on the open market. This is not necessarily difficult but is considered risky due to the danger of procuring counterfeit or defective products. As such, buyers should be cautious of their online dealings and look for certified distributors to source from to mitigate the risks. Here at BD Electronics, sourcing obsolete components are our speciality. The company’s supplier network has been built through years of scrubbing and refinement, leaving BD Electronics with a dependable vendor base. In addition, the company’s rating system ensures our vendors are thoroughly vetted and continuously monitored.

Taking Advantage of Last Time Buys

When an electronic component is scheduled to become obsolete, the original component manufacturer (OCM) will formally release a product change notice (PCN) to inform buyers and clientele. These PCNs that are sent out notify the consumers of changes to specific components such as specification updates, manufacturing locations, or in this case, obsolescence notifications.

When PCNs about obsolescence is often released, the notification is referred to as a product discontinuation notice (PDN). A PDN usually contains information about why a specific component is being obsoleted, what other components can be suitable alternatives, and the last time buys (LTB) date and its separate shipment.

BD Electronics strategises about making the most use and securing advantages with the help of LTB notice to secure a newly obsolete component before it completely disappears from the market. The company understands that this option only works if a PCNs last buy and ship dates are far enough to place an order and continues to stock various electronic components before becoming completely obsolete.

Making Lifetime Buys

Another strategy BD Electronics employs is taking advantage of lifetime buying agreements to facilitating long-term stocking and distribution. This strategy incentivises both the EMS providers and OEMs as well as distributors because this method allows all parties to circumvent availability issues upon facing the threat of obsolescence. Once all parties agree, an entire lifetime supply of the specified component is manufactured and procured by the client.

Before an agreement can be made, BD Electronics predicts the life-cycle of the end product to make accurate forecasts of quantities needed for production. This can safeguard OEM and EMS companies from component obsolescence issues, shortages, and other disruptions in the supply chain.