Infineon’s secured NFC tags prevent counterfeiting and enhance brand experience

Counterfeit products have a negative impact on brands: not only do they affect revenue, but they also damage brand image with poor user experiences. In industries such as pharmaceuticals and food, counterfeit products can even pose a serious threat to consumer health and safety. Hence, companies are always on the lookout for robust anti-counterfeiting solutions. Also, in today’s competitive world, customers have a variety of brands to choose from, making it essential for companies to leverage technology in order to increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Infineon Technologies AG offers secured NFC tags that meet high security requirements for proving authenticity. The NFC4TCxxx tag includes an open standard security architecture using AES-128 cryptography and is equipped with inherent resistance to physical attacks such as Differential Power Analysis (DPA) and Differential Fault Analysis (DFA). Infineon’s secured NFC tags also offer a wide range of memory options, from 304 bytes to 4 Kbytes. This enables brands to store data and create customized applications to improve their customer engagement.

The tags can be programmed with brand-specific landing pages that provide additional information about the product and also show the customer a list of similar products. They can provide exclusive offers and invite to special events which helps to build a long-term relationship leading to repeat purchases. At the same time, brands can use customer analytics to constantly optimize their products and marketing campaigns. By enabling two-way communication between the consumer and the brand, NFC gives a competitive advantage to various brands.

To further accelerate the deployment of brand protection applications, Infineon has launched the NFC 2Go starter kit for brand protection. The kit demonstrates consumer product authentication enabled by Infineon’s secured NFC tags with an NFC smartphone. The kit includes NFC stickers, iOS and Android mobile apps, backend cloud authentication software, tag personalization tools and a user guide.


The NFC4TCxx tags and the NFC 2Go starter kit for brand protection can be ordered now. More information is available at