Bentec Appoints Sincotron as Insituware Distributor

Insituware distributor

Bentec is pleased to announce that it has appointed Sincotron as the Insituware distributor throughout Scandinavia and the Baltics.

Founded in 1969, Sincotron’s operations have always been based on reliability, stability and, most importantly, the long-term relationships it has with its customers and suppliers. The company currently employs a team of 16 to cover Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

“Insituware has a very interesting new device, and we believe that this new technology can help our customers improve their process quality and lower their false rates. We have already conducted a couple of demos with good success and, thanks to David Bennett, we now have two demo units in-house, so we will have several additional demos with customers in upcoming months,” said Sampsa Rekonen, Vice President of Sincotron.

“Sincotron is the premier distributor for northern Europe, with a host of premier customers who undoubtably will appreciate the benefits that the Insituware material control products offer,” commented David Bennett, Managing Director Bentec Ltd.

Insituware LLC is the provider of the first smart in situ measurement solution with integrated machine learning technology. Its product offerings provide the ability to make real-time process measurements and quality control decisions directly from the shop floor during the manufacturing process. The cloud-based software system and small portable design allow customers to react instantly to process changes and make corrections and improvements quicky and easily, all at an affordable price point.

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