Amphenol RF introduced Radio Frequency Connectors & Coaxial Adapters with enhanced durability

Radio Frequency Connectors & Coaxial Adapters | Amphenol RF expands IP67 adapter product portfolio with tin nickel plating option designed to offer reliable performance with 720 hours of salt spray protection

Amphenol RF introduced a line of safe and sustainable radio frequency connectors and coaxial adapters with enhanced durability. These robust interconnect are available in environmentally friendly, cadmium-free tin nickel plating for extreme exposure settings. The extra layer of protection this plating provides ensures reliable RF performance and conductivity.

This plating option is RoHS and REACH-compliant. Mechanical robustness is achieved by applying alternate plating that can extend the life of the RF adapter in situations where they are exposed to unfavorable conditions such as marine environments and outdoor recreation areas.

These tin nickel-plated connectors and adapters have been exposed to concentrated salt spray and tested for the corrosion of the base material. They are validated for up to 720 hours of salt spray operation and are IP67-rated for protection against temporary submergence. IP67 ingress protection is achieved using specialized o-rings and gaskets surrounding the dielectric and center contact. This seal prevents damage to costly internal components.

Corrosive-resistant RF interconnects are well suited for applications such as marine GPS, remote base stations, and environmental measurement equipment.