Blaize & Accton partners to bring Edge AI Computing Service to AI Inspection Market

Blaize announced a strategic partnership with Accton to bring Edge AI Computing to the AI inspection market. The Accton Smart Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solution will utilize the Blaize Pathfinder P1600 Embedded System on Module (SoM) to add visual AI production line inspection for assembly, manufacturing, packaging, and appearance activities.

We are pleased to partner with Blaize to provide our customers with a cost-effective AI inspection service. Our solution helps our customer reduces up to 85% of the operators’ workload and significantly improves product quality,said Colby Chou, IoT BU Head of Accton. “With the Blaize solution, we can easily deploy a powerful service to manufacturers of all sizes.”

The Accton product Pallas, uses Blaize’s P1600 SoM, leveraging the programmability and efficiency benefits of the Blaize Graph Streaming Processor (GSP) architecture. The SoM is ideal for rugged and challenging environments and offers the processing power, low latency, and energy efficiency crucial for AI inferencing workloads at the edge and the inherent stringent inspection requirements. Accton will be able to implement computer vision applications and new AI inferencing solutions across a range of edge smart vision use cases using the Blaize architecture.

Blaize looks forward to providing Accton with a solution that enables stricter quality standards, higher yield, and more efficient manufacturing and inspection processes,” said Dinakar Munagala, Co-founder and CEO of Blaize. “Our P1600 is designed to handle this type of rigorous environment while operating at low power, low latency, and more efficient use of memory.”