Indium Corporation won Global Technology Award for Flux-Cored Wire from Global SMT & Packaging

Indium Corporation has earned a GLOBAL Technology Award from Global SMT & Packaging for its fast wetting, no-clean cored wire with spatter control, CW-818. The award was presented on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at SMTA International, hosted in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“We are honored to receive the GLOBAL Technology Award for our newest flux-cored wire offering, CW-818,” said Senior Product Specialist – Flux-Cored Wire, Wave Solder Flux, and Bar Solder Robert McKerrow. CW-818 combines superior soldering speed and spread while meeting the demanding requirements of manual and robotic soldering processes.”

Global SMT & Packaging Global Technology Award

Since 2005, the prestigious GLOBAL Technology Awards have recognized the absolute best new innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries. They are designed to promote best practices in key areas including manufacturing quality, customer service, sales growth, innovation, and employee motivation.

Indium Corporation’s CW-818 is designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s manual and robotic soldering processes. CW-818 provides fast wetting speeds, allowing users to minimize cycle times. The spatter control technology minimizes flux spattering while the heat-resistant nature of the formula reduces flux build-up on the soldering iron tip as well as leaves a clear, non-tacky residue post-soldering (even when using a high iron tip temperature). The combination of superior soldering performance, improved overall cleanliness, and excellent visual appearance post-soldering delivers a truly no-clean flux-cored wire.

Indium Corporation’s extensive manufacturing process control ensures that CW-818 cored wire provides precisely the right amount of solder while minimizing process setup challenges and maximizing yields. CW-818 is void-free, and with consistent diameter and layer winding, prevents stoppages due to lack of flux or kinks when drawn into a robotic soldering machine. The result is an extremely reliable and strong solder joint.