Cinch Connectivity released Johnson AquaConn Family of Waterproof Connectors & Adapters

Cinch Connectivity Solutions announced the launch of the Johnson AquaConn family of IP68-rated Interconnect, designed for underwater applications in mil-aero, transportation, oil & gas, marine and the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

Specific applications include, but are not limited to:

  • LAN Routers
  • Base stations
  • Satellite Communication Equipment
  • Phased Array Radar systems
  • Airborne Ground Radar
  • Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)
  • Active Antennas

Waterproof Connectors & Adapters

The AquaConn family consists of SMA and TNC connectors, along with same series and between series adapters across the SMA, TNC, MCX, and MMCX families. The parts are available in stainless steel and brass.

All products in this family are rated IP68, providing maximum liquid ingress protection, and also maximum solid particle protection. The connectors and adapters are all waterproof in unmated condition. These solutions provide industry-leading waterproof performance.

The items in this product line include:

142-1701-401SMA Bulkhead Jack, Solder Pot Contact
142-1701-411SMA Bulkhead Jack, Tab Contact
142-1701-421SMA Bulkhead Jack, Post Contact
142-1701-431SMA Jack to SMA Jack Bulkhead Adapter
134-1001-401SMA Jack to MCX Bulkhead Adapter with Hex Nut
134-1001-411SMA Jack to MMCX Jack Bulkhead Adapter
134-1001-421SMA Jack to MCX Bulkhead Adapter without Hex Nut
134-1001-431TNC Jack to SMA Jack Bulkhead Adapter
134-1001-441TNC Jack to MCX Bulkhead Adapter
134-1001-451TNC Jack to MCX Bulkhead Adapter with Hex Nut
142-0403-051SMA Crimp Plug, RG174/RG316/LMR100
142-0303-801SMA Crimp Bulkhead Jack, RG174/RG316/LMR100
137-0403-011TNC Straight Crimp Plug, RG316
137-0203-001TNC Straight Clamp Plug, RG316
137-0599-411TNC Bulkhead Mount Jack, 0.085″ Cable (Front Mount)
137-0403-101TNC R/A Crimp Plug, RG316 (Low Profile)

Parts with the SMA designation operate up to 18 GHz. TNC parts are larger, more rugged, and operate to 11 GHz.

The Waterproof Connectors & Adapters are available from major distributors including Digi-Key, Newark, Farnell, Heilind, and Mouser. Pricing is competitive for products that meet IP68 standard requirements.

For more information about this family of Johnson AquaConn Waterproof Connectors & Adapters, visit the AquaConn product page, or visit our website at