Fairview Microwave introduced new 1.00 mm Passive Coaxial Components

Fairview Microwave new line of Components covers DC to 110 GHz applications

Fairview Microwave introduced a new line of 1.00 mm Passive Coaxial Components to address a variety of applications, including research and development, test and measurement, data transmission, satellite communications and more.

The new offering consists of 1.0 mm RF power dividers with male or female 1.0 mm input connectors; fixed RF attenuators with 3, 6, and 10dB attenuation levels; DC blocks with 1.0 mm connectors; and 1.0 mm directional RF couplers rated to 1 watt. 

Fairview Microwave offers one of the largest 1.00 mm coaxial components portfolio available. The resilient mechanical designs of these 1.00 mm passive components guarantee minimal signal interaction while providing superior return loss characteristics and low insertion loss.

Our new 1.00 mm passive coaxial components are perfectly suited for a variety of high-frequency applications where low insertion loss and return loss are required. We are the leading supplier of in-stock 1.0 mm components to support our customers’ urgent needs,” said Steven Pong, Product Line Manager.

1.00 mm Passive Coaxial Components

The new 1.00 mm components are in-stock and available for same-day shipping.