Rohde & Schwarz to supply Liquid-Cooled HF High-Power Transmitters to Norway

Rohde & Schwarz to supply liquid-cooled HF high-power transmitters to Norway for reliable and secure beyond line of sight communications in difficult terrain.

Front row (fltr): Ove Ladegård (CEO of Rohde & Schwarz Norge AS), Eiliv Ofigsbø (Forsvarsmateriell IKT-kapasiteter), Kjetil Svartskuren Thomsvik (Forsvarsmateriell IKT-kapasiteter), Kristian Høegh Mysen (Program Mime). Back row (fltr): Gunnar Hellerslien (Rohde & Schwarz), Øivind Nordnes (Rohde & Schwarz), Jørgen Inge Olsen (CYFOR, CCR), Eilin Ellingsen (Program Mime), Mats Ove Sannes (Forsvarsmateriell IKT-kapasiteter)

Demand is high for reliable high frequency (HF) communications in Norway. HF is essential because of the country’s fjords and mountainous terrain. Satellite communications are not a reliable alternative, since the country is so far north.

The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (Forsvarsmateriell) needed high performance, reliable and secure communications equipment. So, the agency awarded Rohde & Schwarz Norge AS a contract to supply new HF radio equipment for approx. 20 locations nationwide. The contract includes the new generation of liquid-cooled R&S SK4110 HF high-power transmitters.

The contract is part of the “Kampnær IKT til Forsvaret” Mime program. Forsvarsmateriell had already acquired Rohde & Schwarz HF radio receivers for the same network in the past. The Royal Norwegian Navy mainly uses this BLOS communications equipment for command and control. The network is operated by the Norwegian Cyber Defense Force (Cyberforsvaret).

“The Norwegian Armed Forces communications infrastructure is currently being renewed as part of the Mime program,” Cathrine Devold, program director Mime/MAST Forsvarsmateriell, said. “This contract gives us quick access to modern radios to be deployed as early as 2023.”

“The acquisition ensures a uniform and future-oriented radio structure, for modern services and robust, long-range coverage for naval vessels and other units in the entire area of interest,says Jørgen Inge Olsen, senior engineer, Cyberforsvaret CCR G6.

“The Norwegian government choosing us as suppliers for HF BLOS communications equipment is significant,” says Ove Ladegård, CEO of Rohde & Schwarz Norge AS. “The revolutionary R&S SK4110 HF high-power transmitter with 10 kW output power and HF wideband capability from Rohde & Schwarz meets advanced long-range BLOS communications requirements with very high data rates and maximum reliability. An innovative cooling concept minimizes operating costs and makes the transmitter a future-proof investment. The contract for a new HF structure will ensure a modern, future-oriented and reliable radio communications network that can be integrated into the rest of the communications infrastructure.”

Liquid-Cooled HF High-Power Transmitters

The transmitters are extremely reliable with best-in-class availability, low total cost of ownership and unsurpassed performance thanks to R&S M3SR Series4100 software defined radios. They are ready to establish automatic links and handle the IP traffic that will be introduced later in the Mime program.