Analog Devices’ Multichannel System Clocking Device now available from element14

The AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ Multichannel System Clocking Device is an ideal self-contained device to use in evaluation and prototyping of applications that need a highly accurate frequency and phase-controlled source clock. It is designed around the Analog Devices AD9545 and HMC7044 and greatly simplifies clock distribution and multi-channel synchronization in complex systems.

Multichannel System Clocking Device

The AD-SYNCHRONA14-EBZ is intended to be used by trained professionals in a laboratory environment, and not intended as an end product for commercial use. It can be taken as a complete reference design and customised as required for any end customer applications. Full design details are made available free of charge.

The device comes in a 1U mechanical form factor and uses industry-standard SMA and TwinAX connectors that are commonly found in labs. Its applications include:

•       High accuracy reference clock distribution

•       Systems clocked from a single source

•       Clocks derived from 100MHz or 122.88MHz

•       Phased Array Systems, RADAR, EW, SATCOMS, SDR

•       Bench Equipment

•       Remote controlled operation

Analog Devices’ evaluation board can be purchased from element14 in APAC.