STM32 More Than Silicon:” 2023 STM32 Summit & Fans Carnival Returns to Shenzhen

STMicroelectronics will host the 2023 STM32 Summit on 12th and 13th May at the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai hotel.

The STM32 Summit is the premier technology showcase of the industry-leading STM32 products and solutions. Into its 6th edition, the theme of this year’s event is “STM32 More Than Silicon” — showcasing how innovative STM32 technology and products are enabling diverse applications addressing Edge AI, Connectivity, Security, and Ecosystem & Developer First.

The summit features more than 50 dedicated sessions, which include executive keynotes, technical presentations, and demonstrations from ST and ecosystem partners. In addition, the summit will highlight a New Product Zone that features the latest STM32 MCU and MPU products and solutions. Day 2 of the event will feature a Fans Carnival with exciting interactive games, and demos from more than 50 ST partners will also be showcased.

The main plenary will be livestreamed here in both English and Mandarin; and the entire 2-day proceedings are livestreamed in Mandarin here. A live photo album sharing is also available here.

Please join us at the 2023 STM32 Summit and Fans Carnival to see the innovative demonstrations of ST and its customers and partners with your own eyes and unleash your creativity with STM32!

Highlights from the Key Focus Areas

Edge AI

The Edge AI showstopper area will highlight Edge AI solutions based on ST products, covering areas including smart home and industrial automation. Demos in these areas will include an Edge AI washing machine, a smart vacuum cleaner, anomaly detection in a water pump, and AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter) & predictive maintenance. The Edge AI & motor-control washing machine is based on an STM32G4 and SLLIMM IPM and shows how Edge AI can help motor control appliances achieve breakthrough levels of energy and water efficiency using accurate measurement of clothing weight. The AI model, generated by NanoEdge AI Studio, greatly improves machine performance by analyzing and learning the features of current signals.

Edge AI Experience Zone: In the NanoEdge AI Studio Experience Zone, visitors can also use NanoEdge AI Studio to accelerate the deployment of Edge AI applications and experience the user interface and procedures of NanoEdge AI Studio. Then, in the STM32Cube.AI Dev Cloud & Model Zoo Experience Zone, visitors can use gesture recognition in demos that present the transition from ST’s Model Zoo to STM32Cube.AI cloud.


The Connectivity area brings together ST-based wireless connectivity technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, and NFC to create a wide range of solutions. These technologies are applied to scenarios across smart industry, smart home, wearable devices, and Internet-of-Things applications. A key highlight is the ST Industrial IoT Solution demo based on STM32WL/STM32WB wireless microcontrollers, STM32G0/STM32L4 general-purpose microcontrollers, IO-Link. and multiple sensors and drivers. The demo simulates factory-automation applications to monitor and control the product line by counting and tracking products.


The Security area exhibits various security solutions based on hardware and software including STM32 MCUs, STM32Trust, and STSAFE-A products. These enable customers to enhance security in their design of new products by making full use of the hardware features and the STM32 ecosystem to achieve secure design. One example demonstrates the authenticated debug feature of the STM32H5 using an Nucleo-H563ZI board.

Ecosystem & Developer First

STM32 innovation and services are not limited to chips. ST is also committed to offering “More Than Silicon,” by providing extensive product portfolios and a complete ecosystem including hardware and software development tools for our full range of products. In this way, we provide a one-stop development platform integrating configuration, development, programming and tracking to help developers seamlessly develop their products. In the Ecosystem & Developer Zone, we showcase the unique and powerful STM32 ecosystem and demonstrate how STM32 products and tools cover the whole development process and help developers unleash their creativity.

A dedicated STM32 Developer Zone on provides users with multidimensional and all-round development support and development tools in their development process. Here, developers can fully experience the development tools and support on site during the summit.

Through its University Program, ST cultivates skills and talent for its customers and relevant industries of China. The program covers a series of projects including Elite curriculum, Teacher Training Teacher, University Contests, open-source platforms, and embedded system technology certification, among others. The University Program booth highlights the results of fruitful cooperation between ST and well-known universities in China.

New Product Zone

In addition to solution demonstrations, the summit offers a New Product Zone to showcase the latest STM32 MCU and MPU products. These include the STM32H5, STM32U5, STM32C0, STM32WBA, and STM32MP13x, as well as innovative solutions and relevant development boards based on those products. In the New Product Zone, you can see MCU/MPU product roadmaps and performance parameters of products on the horizon. Don’t miss it!

Fans Carnival

As a traditional feature of the STM32 Summit, Fans Carnival is very popular among developers using STM32. On Day 2 of this year’s summit (May 13), ST will open the Fans Carnival with many interactive and exciting games including a magic show, lantern riddle guessing game, racing experience, and board exchange activity, as well as other great opportunities to enable attendees to experience the charms of STM32.