Voltage-Controlled Analog Attenuators & TTL Programmable Attenuators for Defense Applications

Fairview Microwave has expanded its product line with a new selection of Voltage-Controlled Analog Attenuators and TTL Programmable Attenuators. The new models offer broad frequency coverage from 1 MHz to 50 GHz. They also complement Fairview’s existing portfolio, with more options to suit customers’ specific applications.

Voltage-Controlled Analog Attenuators

The new Voltage-Controlled Analog Attenuators offer attenuation ranges up to 40 dB, and some models are designed with an absorptive architecture to maintain low VSWR performance over the entire attenuation range. The new TTL programmable attenuators feature 6-bit, 7-bit or 8-bit command control with 0.5 dB or 1 dB step sizes, and attenuation levels up to 127.5 dB.

In addition, Fairview Microwave’s voltage-controlled analog attenuators and TTL programmable attenuators are designed for high reliability and are available in rugged MIL-grade coaxial packages with an operational temperature range of -40° to +185° Fahrenheit (-40° to +85° Celsius). This ensures optimal performance in harsh environmental conditions.

These new products offer precise and reliable signal attenuation, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. With fast switching speeds and high-input power handling capabilities, these attenuators are perfect for use in electronic warfare, radar, R&D and other defense-related systems,” said Tim Galla, Product Line Manager.

Fairview’s new voltage-controlled analog attenuators and TTL programmable attenuators are in stock and available for same-day shipping.