DENSO Announces Changes of Executive Responsibility and Transfers of its Member of the Board

DENSO CORPORATION, a leading mobility supplier, has announced changes in executive responsibility and transfers of its members of the board. The decision was made at a Board of Directors meeting held on March 11, 2024. The changes in executive responsibility will be effective from April 1, and the transfers of the members of the board will take place on the date of the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. These transfers will be officially implemented at the 2024 General Meeting of Shareholders and the subsequent meeting of the Board of Directors.

1. Changes of Executive Responsibility (Effective April 1st)

NameNew TitleCurrent Title
Koji ArimaRepresentative Member of the Board, ChairmanRepresentative Member of the Board,Chairman & CEO*1,
Shinnosuke HayashiRepresentative Member of the Board,President & CEORepresentative Member of the Board,President & COO*2

 *1 CEO(Chief Executive Officer) *2 COO(Chief Operating Officer) will be abolished.

2. Transfers of the Member of the Board Date of General Meeting of Shareholders

(1) Newly Appointed Candidate of the Member of the Board

NameNew TitleCurrent Title
Yasuhiko YamazakiRepresentative Member of the Board,Executive Vice PresidentExecutive Vice President

2) Member of the Board Scheduled to Retire

NameNew TitleCurrent Title
Kenichiro ItoSenior Executive OfficerMember of the Board,Senior Executive Officer