Panasonic Industry collaborates with multi-utility Hera Group to expand innovative NexMeter technology  

The strengthened collaboration between Hera Group and Panasonic Industry aims to improve safety and sustainability with NexMeter technology for Italian and European utilities.

The Italian-based Hera Group and Panasonic Industry Europe announce the renewal of our longstanding collaboration. This entails a new commercial agreement designed to extend the reach of the innovative NexMeter meter within the Italian gas distribution market. The NexMeter, initially launched in 2019 as a smart gas meter 4.0, has evolved over time, incorporating advanced safety features and, since 2021, utilizing recycled plastic components.

Boasting compatibility with green gas mixtures like hydrogen and biomethane, NexMeter has already garnered interest from several utilities, with potential future partnerships on the horizon. The collaboration with Hera and Panasonic Industry aims to enhance NexMeter’s capabilities, surpassing national standards and offering Italian operators a meter that not only prioritizes safety and sustainability but also enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and contributes to the decarbonization goals of the sector.

We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with one of the largest Italian multiutilities in Italy,” said Johannes Spatz, President of Panasonic Industry Europe. “This partnership represents not only a collaboration to provide our Japanese-developed know-how and technology, enhancing safety in gas installations across Italy and Europe, but also marks a significant step in our commitment to innovation. The agreement with Hera Group opens new avenues for introducing NexMeter to other utility providers, revolutionizing gas distribution infrastructure with advanced metering technology. For Panasonic Industry, this collaboration is the beginning of new developments, extending NexMeter’s performance to new functionalities, aiming to be a technological reference for the future’s second generation of smart gas meters. Our strong ambition is to position ourselves as a key partner in the Italian and European markets, providing cutting-edge solutions for gas distribution and integrating advanced technology with an IoT software platform for continuous field monitoring. This partnership with Hera Group also offers the prospect of joint initiatives and projects, aligning with our shared objectives in environmental sustainability, carbon dioxide emissions reduction, and the principles of the circular economy, all integral components of Panasonic’s GREEN IMPACT plan.”

Panasonic places sustainability at the heart of its corporate strategy, reducing the environmental impact generated by the manufacture and use of its products in the most diverse applications, offering technologies and solutions aimed at reducing energy consumption and efficient use of natural resources. With the Panasonic Green Impact initiative, Panasonic has set ambitious goals in its commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its business operations and supply chain.

For more information about NexMeter, visit: Smart Meter – Use cases | Panasonic Industry Europe GmbH