GMV enters the Greek intelligent transportation systems market with CAF

GMV to improve user travel experience on line 1 of the Athens Metro The project includes supplying the passenger information system, the public address system, the intercom system, and the video-surveillance system

CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles), leader in the design and execution of comprehensive mobility systems, has selected the multinational tech company GMV to supply onboard intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for the 14 units currently on line 1 of the Athens Metro. Managed by STASY S.A., the rail operator responsible for transport in the city, the ITS included in the contract are the passenger information system, the public address and intercom system, and the video-surveillance system. This project is a continuation of the collaboration between the two companies, which also worked together when CAF awarded GMV the contract for the onboard systems on Lisbon’s tramway in March 2022.

Line 1 of the Athens Metro is the oldest in the city. Commonly known as the green line, it connects Piraeus to the town of Kifissia, north of the capital. The trains began running between 1983 and 1985 and, after their renovation by CAF to operate efficiently for another 25 years, GMV will now improve the user travel experience.

CAF has awarded GMV this project in Greece as it is a world leader in designing, developing, implementing, and rolling out intelligent transport systems (ITS). Rail transportation is a safe, on-time and convenient mode of transportation. In this sense, GMV’s intelligent transportation systems help improve the passenger service while also increasing safety levels and improving management procedures by transportation authorities and operators.

GMV, an ITS solutions provider since 1994

GMV is renowned worldwide for the design, development, implementation, and rollout of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) based on the IoT, mobile communications, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems, with over 950 customers in 30 countries on five continents. GMV’s ITS solutions offer transit authorities and operators improvements in their services, operational cost reduction, and greater user satisfaction.

GMV has a strong presence of ITS systems in the railway and tramway field, with its own developments and leading clients among private and public operators such as RENFE, ONCF (Morocco’s national railroad operator), Metro de Barcelona, and Metro de Santiago de Chile, in addition to manufacturers such as ALSTOM, CAF, Pesa, and Talgo. GMV is a reliable

technological partner in major projects, strictly complying with the rigorous standards of the sector. It has references in all rail modes: tram, light rail, heavy metro (subway), suburban trains, regional, main-line, AV, and freight. In the field of rail transport GMV has more than 4,000 equipped vehicles worldwide.

Onboard systems for 14 Athens Metro line 1 units

To improve passengers’ current experience, GMV will provide CAF with the passenger information system, the public address system, the intercom system, and the video-surveillance system.

The passenger information system will be shown on LED panels, both front and side, connected to the system controller, and on 29.4” LCD panels located throughout the train. The onboard control equipment will generate both service information to be displayed and scheduled advertising content, improving the visual experience for passengers during the journey.

The public address system features an intercom system with 20 IP intercoms per train, located near the doors, allowing quick passenger assistance in any emergency situation.

Finally, the video-surveillance system includes a cutting-edge digital recorder, which will be provided with the interior and rearview digital cameras enabling video-surveillance of the unit. All of this equipment will be connected to the train’s onboard network.

This video-surveillance system also includes an 18.5” monitor in the driver’s cabin that can be used to view any camera’s output in real time, so the driver can be aware of everything happening on board the train. All these systems will be integrated with the train monitoring and control system to receive the necessary control information and report their statuses and alarms.

In addition to the onboard equipment and software, as part of this supply contract, the applications corresponding to the control center will also be provided. They enable the management of both content for the passenger information system and images from the video-surveillance system of each train, among other features.

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