Power Relays Line Adds Over 300 New SKUs

CUI Devices’ Relays Group announced the expansion of its line of power relays with the addition of over 300 new SKUs. Ideal for high-level current switching in a range of industrial applications, measurement and control equipment, and safety systems, CUI Devices’ power relays offer max switching currents from 5 A up to 40 A.

The PR family of power relays features SPST (1 Form A), SPDT (1 Form C), DPST (2 Form A), or DPDT (2 Form C) contact forms, a variety of contact ratings, and silver alloy or silver tin oxide overlay contact materials. Housed in through hole packages, the models carry max switching voltages up to 440 Vac or 120 Vdc, coil power ratings from 200 to 900 mW, and coil voltages from 3 up to 110 Vdc. These power relays also offer flux protection or epoxy sealing, Class B or Class F coil insulation, and operating temperature ranges from -55 up to 105°C.

CUI Devices’ power relays are available immediately with prices starting at $0.57 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution. Please contact CUI Devices for OEM pricing.

For helpful resources and tools on relays, check out CUI Devices’ Resource Library that houses a range of blog posts, videos, and more.

Product name: Power Relays
Availability: Stock to 12 weeks
Possible users: Industrial applications, safety systems, measurement and control equipment
Primary features: 5 A up to 40 A max switching currents
Cost: $0.57 per unit at 100 pieces through distribution