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reed relay manufacturer

Innovation, diversification, and support leads to 85% growth for reed relay manufacturer

 Pickering Electronics, the reed relay company which has pioneered miniaturization and high performance has announced significant growth as it enters its 55th year....
Connector & Adapter 

Amphenol RF expands its Microminiature SMP product series to include non-magnetic Connector & Adapter options

Non-Magnetic Connector & Adapter  Amphenol RF announced the expansion of the microminiature SMP product series to include non-magnetic connector...
Bulkhead Jacks

Amphenol RF expands SMA product portfolio with Reverse Polarity Bulkhead Jacks

Amphenol RF expands its reverse polarity SMA panel mount offerings with durable rear mounted IP67 bulkhead jacks designed to accommodate various micro...

CUI Devices adds new Potentiometers product line

CUI Devices’ Motion and Control Group announced the addition of a new line of potentiometers. Available in shaft or shaftless options, these...
Right-Angle SMA Plugs

Right-Angle SMA Plugs for Micro-Coax Cable

Amphenol RF is pleased to expand its popular SMA product family with reverse polarity right-angle plug configurations designed to accommodate a variety...
Cable Systems

Samtec Flyover QSFP Cable Systems Now Available at Mouser

Mouser Electronics is now shipping Flyover QSFP (FQSFP) Cable Systems from Samtec. These high-performance cable systems provide improved signal integrity and architectural flexibility...

Amphenol RF expands its AUTOMATE Type A mini-FAKRA series with additional PCB options

Amphenol RF expands multiport AUTOMATE Type A Mini-FAKRA portfolio with additional PCB options. The high-bandwidth product line now includes single and dual-port...
Reed Relay Market

The Reed Relay Market is projected to reach approximately USD 9.9 billion by 2030

Reed Relay Market A reed relay is a type of relay that manages one or more reed switches...
Step Attenuators

Pasternack new series of Step Attenuators offers Precision Control of Signal levels

Pasternack expanded its portfolio of Attenuators for use in high-reliability applications requiring precise control of signal levels, including precision measurements, prototyping and characterization...
40 GHz Fixed RF Attenuators

Fairview expanded its 40 GHz Fixed RF Attenuators with 2.92 mm Connectors

Fairview Microwave has expanded its line of 40 GHz Fixed RF Attenuators with 2.92 mm connectors offering attenuation levels of 0 to 10, 12,...