Data Encryption: The Ultimate Solution For Your Data Security

EM:  Please share about WinMagic’s operations in India so far and its plans going forward.

Rahul: We are headquartered in Gurgaon with a strong sales and marketing team in Bengaluru and Mumbai. WinMagic provides intelligent key management for everything encryption, with robust, manageable and easy-to-use data security solutions focused on industry segments such as IT and Pharma.

Having established ourselves here last couple of years , going forward, we want to garner large Indian brands into our portfolio; offering them our technology, end-point as well as cloud solutions.

EM: More and more corporates are moving onto cloud, but data theft threats still remain. How can WinMagic’s Secure Doc Solution help them to keep their valuable data secure?

Rahul: Encryption is not an unknown technology; it’s the first logical step in security which prevents your data from being misused. Today every security vendor has solutions but they don’t have focus but in our case, the focus is on bringing the right solution to the problem, – delivering intelligence key management and encryption. We are the single product company in  data address encryption and this is what we focus on. Now we have come up with a robust solution in encryption technology to provide complete solution for cloud data encryption,

EM: How do you place yourselves with the competition as there are number of players in the market with the same solution?

Rahul: We look at a business opportunity in 2 ways; our first objective is to provide seamless user experience and second to provide a very good management experience to the IT team.

These two factors have been the perpetual pain areas for corporates in encryption market. Though the customer deploys encryption solution, they are never completely satisfied.They continue to struggle with figuring out how best to put the solutions to use and how to leverage support services they receive. That’s where WinMagic brings in the differentiator. We know taking care of these 2 aspects gives us that extra edge in the market.