Data Encryption: The Ultimate Solution For Your Data Security

EM: What are your thoughts on “moving up the stack” (offering clients more secure computing)

Rahul: When you store something on your device that is structured, thatdata is easy to secure because you know where it is what it is. In case of unstructured data, you don’t know where it is and what exactly it is. Now in this case, you may not even have the option to secure it. Let’s take an example, the laptop you are carrying gets stolen and all the data you have on it suddenly gets available to the person who stole it for any purpose, mostly some illegal activity.  The only way not to ever get stuck in this kind of a situation is to encrypt all your data on your devices no matter which.

EM: What sort of positivity does Indian govt’s Digital India bring to data security business?

Rahul: Digital India initiative is a very positive move of the government. It has given a huge boost to cloud business and the need for security solutions and encryption becomes ever critical. Corporates are slowly moving all their data onto the cloud which also increases the risks of data thefts. In order to address data thefts, most cloud companies today only provide lockers but don’t take responsibility of either that data’s protection or misuse. Therefore, the only solution to protect your data is to encrypt it,whether it’s your personal desktop or a cloud server.

EM: Which business segments you are serving current? Can you name any big player in your client list?

Rahul:Disclosing our clients name is against our privacy and security policy but I would like to add that we are serving top government and business segments like legal, manufacturing, education, healthcare, retail and financial services.

EM: At the end, would you like to give any message to our people for secure computing?

Rahul: Your data should be secure at all times even in adverse situations like thefts etc. Its therefore important that a right solution be chosen to do so and WinMagic brings those expertise to make data secure.

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