Juniper Networks Delivers the Only Multicloud-Ready Orchestration and Analytics Platform for any Cloud and any Workload across Multivendor

Juniper’s enhanced platform and services simplify enterprises’ path to a secure and automated multicloud

Juniper Networks an industry leader in automated, scalable and secure networks, today announced the expansion of Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to enable end-to-end policy and control capability for any workload running in physical and virtual environments, any cloud and across multivendor environments.

Most enterprises have to resort to two or more controllers or management systems to manage overlay, underlay and network devices. With Contrail Enterprise Multicloud’s new multidomain orchestration and advanced analytics capabilities, enterprises can now manage and monitor workload policies from a single command center. This means that enterprises leveraging multiple cloud environments—either public, private or both—now have a policy orchestration solution built on a single platform with a single point of control, providing a cohesive multicloud-ready infrastructure.

Contrail Enterprise Multicloud integrates both overlay and underlay management into an open platform. Whether an enterprise is looking for device or fabric management, or overlay policy and control, Contrail Enterprise Multicloud provides a unified approach to enterprise operations that streamlines workflows and improves end-to-end visibility across bare metal servers, virtual machines and containers, along with network devices.

Understanding that any evolution requires the graceful coexistence of both existing and new infrastructure, Juniper has architected Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to support multivendor environments. Based on open interfaces and standard protocols, Contrail Enterprise Multicloud can be inserted into diverse networking environments, allowing enterprises to avoid unnecessary vendor lock-in.

Additionally, for the vast majority of enterprises, the multicloud evolution may play out over multiple steps as enterprises adopt and deploy new technology. Enterprises will need to leverage every opportunity to ensure they are simultaneously meeting existing requirements while also becoming multicloud-ready. To help facilitate this progression, along with the technology advancements in Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, Juniper is delivering a newly unveiled 5-step multicloud migration framework that is intended to provide enterprises with a set of best practices, natural technology insertions and recommended products and services to more easily complete the journey to a secure and automated multicloud.

News Highlights:

  • Contrail Enterprise Multicloud delivers the only multicloud-ready orchestration and analytics platform for any workload and any cloud across multivendor environments:Juniper’s Contrail Enterprise Multicloud now includes end-to-end policy and control capability, enabling users to have a single tool to orchestrate overlay and fabric management, bare metal servers, virtual machines, containers and networking devices, private and public clouds, and security management. As the types of environments proliferate, Juniper intends to reduce complexity by providing customers with a single tool that operates multivendor environments to better manage dynamic workloads on-premises and in cloud environments. Contrail Enterprise Multicloud also offers real-time infrastructure performance monitoring (IPM) for data center networking devices, in addition to cloud infrastructure and application monitoring, providing visibility and analytics across physical and virtual environments. Through monitoring and intent-based analytics, Contrail Enterprise Multicloud is able to predict, alert and remediate issues in real-time.
  • 5-step multicloud migration framework to help enterprises realize a secure and automated multicloud: Juniper’s 5-step multicloud migration framework provides customers a methods-driven approach to create their customized path to multicloud, regardless of where they find themselves in this journey. The framework considers aspects of architecture, products, tools, processes and people. Whether an enterprise’s environment primarily consists of data centers that aren’t yet automated or an enterprise is evolving by creating its own private cloud, the multicloud migration framework provides an approach for coordinating decisions across initiatives. This framework incorporates Juniper’s multicloud-ready solutions, including Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, along with available professional services at each stage of this journey.
  • Simple data center solution bundles for new infrastructure designs:  Juniper is now offering bundles that combine its QFX Series Switches with Contrail Enterprise Multicloud, as well as professional services for implementation. The solution bundles are intended to provide everything an enterprise needs for the top-to-bottom functions of its data center network to connect, orchestrate, secure and see.
  • Automation professional services to simplify data center redesign: To support accelerated deployment with high reliability, Juniper’s professional services have introduced turnkey processes and tooling for network implementation and test automation. Automated Lab Testing offers pre-production test activities and provides customers access to a rich set of automation libraries, containing playbooks and test cases necessary to test before deployment. Automation Deployment enables IT teams to automate the configuration of their network. Juniper’s custom software support service is also available for any software developed during the engagement.