SAMSUNG HUMANOID Artificial Intelligence NEON

At the opening of 2020 CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the Advanced Research Labs of Samsung, STAR Labs, announced its new project ‘NEON’ which is the digital humanoid avatars that can act and emote like humans.

The CEO and President of Star Labs Mr Pranav Mistry aims to deliver a deep and personalised experience with an AI which has Core R3 (Reality, Realtime and Responsive) a software engine that would generate the graphics and Artificial Intelligence for NEON. While promoting the AI, the company has mentioned that NEON is 100% visually real and can sympathize and converse like real people.  

It is the world’s first AI that has six avatars and is designed to be people from different phase of life which includes a news anchor, yoga instructor, banker, K-pop star, movie actors, spokesperson and a fashion model.

These humanoid avatars are neither an interface to the internet nor AI assistants and a music player. These are simply a friend, collaborators, a real human who will continually learn and evolve with their interactions while forming memories and having various personality traits, movements, expressions and understands multiple languages like Hindi, English, Spanish etc.

NEON will be in the news as by the end of 2020 project NEON is planning to release a beta project for small number of partners. So there is lot more to come from the project before CES 2021.