IP Geolocation API: A step further to business success

One major concern for most businesses is finding the location of their customers. Knowing the location of your customers opens the door to a whole new world of marketing that can boost businesses rapidly. By having the location of customers, planning out strategies and tactical operations becomes much easier for any business. The location of customers plays a huge role in business to customer interactions. This isn’t limited to brick-and-mortar organizations alone as online stores or E-commerce businesses also stand a lot to gain. 

The best way a company can get information or insights regarding the location of their users or customers is by utilizing the power of an IP address. This can be done using an IP geolocation API, a database where businesses can safely and securely store location-based data of customers. In essence, an IP geolocation API is a great tool for tracking and identifying the location of customers across the globe. 

What Is IP Geolocation 

Geolocation involves using precise coordinates to determine the position and location of an individual or a device. Mobile phones, laptops, and tablets are examples of devices that can be traced to a precise location using the IP address of the device. 

How Does an IP Geolocation API work?

IP Geolocation API is as its name suggests is an API that makes it possible to determine the precise and real geographical location of a terminal connected to the Internet. But that’s not all, the service also provides a lot of other information, which allows knowing precisely and in real-time the visitors of a website:

  • The continent
  • Country code
  • The name of the country
  • The local language (s)
  • The local currency code

The information a business can obtain is not limited to the list above as one can also obtain the international prefix (telephone code), Latitude and longitude, and other information.

Benefits of an IP geolocation API 

In terms of use, the service offers several possibilities to its users, depending on their objectives and the requests made. You can thus

  • Geolocate a visitor without having to provide their IP address manually thanks to the geocoding API
  • Geolocate any IPv4 or IPv6 address, transmitting it to the API via a simple addition in a URL.
  • List all the countries identified, and obtain the other detailed information provided by the service (currency, locality, telephone indicator, etc.)
  • Obtain specific information on a particular country by entering its interinstitutional editorial code.

In terms of improving businesses, the IP geolocation API offers you a complete insight on customer location which can, in turn, be used to:

  • Improve the marketing strategy of businesses by using location-based data supplied by the IP geolocation database
  • Reduce the rate of cybercrime occurring on e-commerce businesses or online stores
  • Direct, manage and control the content placed on the business website

These and many more are the benefits associated with the use of an IP geolocation API.


Once a business can have full data on the location of their clients, it becomes easy to make marketing decisions that will improve the business. For this reason, the need for an IP geolocation API cannot be overemphasized as it provides businesses with location-based data for every customer.