What Are PD Blowers And How Do They Work?

Positive displacement blowers, also called PD or rotary engine blowers, are pieces of machinery employed to move air or fuel for various purposes. The air is generally propelled from an exhaust tube to a nozzle, directed to the desired location where it is bound to carry the required amount of weight to complete the task. 

A positive displacement engine, also known as a rotary engine, has been around for decades and is a popular option for use in industries that require heavy machinery for their operations. The force applied by this machinery is required for moving massive objects. 

A negative displacement machine, also referred to as a rotor engine, doesn’t have a nozzle. Instead, it’s driven by a fan or rotor set to push or pull air through the cylinder. The air can be either directed into the cylinder or blown out of the cylinder, depending on the application. 

There are different types of positive displacement blowers, and they differ in terms of the amount of power they produce and how fast they operate. There’s also a wide range of sizes available— from small to medium. If you’re looking for one to utilize at home or in your business, you can contact companies that provide numerous engineering services such as Northwest Flow Technologies. These companies can also provide recommendations that suit your needs.

How The PD Blower Works 

There are many different types of blowers—some are geared up for specific applications, while others are made to handle general tasks. 

The PD air blower or rotary blower is a small type of air compressor that can be used to push air or fuel through a variety of differently sized spaces. It’s generally used in industrial environments where there is a need for continuous airflow at high pressure for various applications. 

What Are Positive displacement  Blowers

The size of the engine and the blowers vary according to their functions. The most common forms of the positive displacement air blower are the rotary and reciprocating type. With these types of air blowers, the amount of air you use in one rotation increases along with the square of the rotational speed. 

Many industries use positive displacement air blowers to power their equipment and machinery. This type of air compressor is usually more efficient and easier to operate than a reciprocating air compressor, because of the latter’s moving parts. PD blowers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications—including automotive, oil and gas, chemical, water treatment, agricultural, manufacturing, and medical applications. 

Importance Of Blowers In Various Industries

One of the most important functions of positive displacement air blowers is to help increase the life of the air filters. These devices work to improve the overall performance of the air filter by aiding in its self-cleaning mechanism. The larger the filter, the more efficient the process. 

Another important function of a positive displacement air blower is its ability to generate and transfer heat from one area to another. This is done by using the air to generate heat and pushing the air from the lower to the upper atmosphere. The process is proven efficient in several industries that necessitate this kind of mechanism to operate. 

On the plus side, positive displacement air compressors are more reliable and user-friendly. PD blowers can maintain a constant airflow even at high pressures. These air compressors are also easier to maintain and are more cost-effective than other types of machinery. 

There is no substitute for a positive displacement air blower among many industries, since a PD blower has specific uses that other forms of air compressors cannot accomplish. 

One of the best things about a positive displacement blower is that it is easy to install. This makes the machine renowned and well-established among various industries. 

Industries Using PD Blowers 

As the recession hits our economic security, industries have started to look at ways to improve productivity and save money using new technologies like the PD Blower. Here are some industries that utilize PD blowers: 

1. Steel Industry 

The positive displacement blower has been used in the steel industry for years. Many industries continue to use it due to its ability to reduce waste, save money on fuel, and reduce operating costs. Steel industries have been using positive displacement blowers to make their operations more efficient and organized. For example, a metal plant that uses traditional conveyor belts spends a significant amount of money every day on fuel and other supplies to move materials from one area to another. 

In contrast, a plant that uses a negative displacement blower saves a considerable amount of money on fuel and other supplies. Thus, it is a smart choice to buy machinery that can do all the heavy lifting for you instead of spending so much on fuel. Here’s an advice—you can position the machinery next to the materials to achieve the same efficiency as a conveyor belt. 

Generally, utilizing a positive displacement blower is a cost-effective means to reduce spending millions of dollars on fuel. However, you can only spend less if you invest in a trustworthy machine, coming from a trusted company as well.  

2. Manufacturing Industry 

The use of a positive displacement blower in manufacturing industries is growing more popular for many reasons. This type of equipment is used in almost every industrial setting, including oil refineries, chemical plants, power plants, and various manufacturing facilities. 

A positive displacement blower, sometimes referred to as a blower pump or displacement unit, allows for increased productivity. They help with the process of deflating or blowing air out of a building to clear the accumulated debris. Thus, it makes cleaning a lot easier. 

Manufacturing industries also use positive displacement blowers to maintain the consistency of the air flow throughout the factory.

3. Environmental Services 

Environmental services use positive displacement to move devices and relocate hazardous air pollutants from their original location to another without causing explosions or damage to public health. In the past, people suffer from hazardous environments in the workplace, since toxic elements were invisible. Nowadays, many technological advancements like sensors for the agricultural industry are available to detect these hazardous elements. Moreover, these environmental services can prevent harmful air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, benzene, nitrogen dioxide, and other hazardous materials from escaping into the air by using PD blowers.

A positive displacement air-moving device is a type of mechanical machinery that is used to move air or gas. It may also be used for a wide range of tasks. This machine uses pressure to trap a specific amount of air and then discharge or push it out through a high-pressure system.  

3. Food Industry 

Food processing industries use positive displacement blowers to process meat, vegetables, and other food products. They also use positive displacement blowers specifically for drying the produce used in preparing various meals or snacks. This machinery is effective and doesn’t cause any harm to the food items that are being processed. 

The positive displacement blower is also equipped with a mechanism that can absorb some of the excess moisture during the drying process. Once the excess moisture has been removed, the food items can stay fresh for long hours, without spoiling in the process. This is one of the reasons why PD blowers are used extensively in the food industry.  

These blowers are used to dry all kinds of goods, making them indispensable in the food industry. 

4. Petroleum Refining Industries 

If you’re looking for efficient ways to heat water or other liquids, you might want to consider PD blowers. Petroleum refining industries use positive displacement blowers to move the vapor away from the liquid’s boiling point. This is the main reason why this technology is also used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and other similar processes. A positive displacement unit uses a rotating cylinder to pump the fluid at a high velocity through the air.  

In petroleum refining industries, the compressor’s main purpose is to increase the flow of fluids into the engine. The pressure can be increased by using negative displacement pumps. This kind of technology is also used in some oil refineries. Additionally, the compressor cannot move the massive amount of water and liquid at once, so it relies on positive displacement blowers. The blowers are used to move liquids out of the engine and reduce the friction between the engine’s moving fluid and the metal parts. 

There are many types of positive displacement blowers used in the production of oils, lubricants, and other dense liquids. They also utilize a fluid jet, centrifugal blower, and reciprocating air blower to move liquids in a circular motion. All of these parts have specific functions. Also, many companies use different types of pumps to get the best results. That way, they can produce products with the highest quality. 

Benefits of Using PD Blowers 

There are numerous benefits in utilizing positive displacement blowers. Depending on each industry, a PD blower can help in many specific and significant ways. Meanwhile, PD blowers also have general advantages that they carry in any kind of industry. Here are some of these general benefits: 

1. Lower The Cost of Operations 

Many factories have already installed positive displacement blowers to lower the cost of their operations. Several of the world’s leading manufacturing companies also started investing in positive displacement blowers—since using a high-performance system can cut their costs by as much as 50%. Hence, by using this machinery, they can increase their profits. 

Moreover, it reduces the operating cost by regulating the machine’s output so that companies can get rid of extra expenditures. Another great thing about investing in a PD system is that there are no additional expenses incurred for raw materials, fuel, labor, among other costs. Hence, the business can save and gain more returns effortlessly. 

2. Reduce The Amount of Waste 

One of the plethora of benefits in using PD systems is that companies can reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills. By utilizing a PD blower, you can pick up materials and place them on the conveyor belt, making it easier to pick up trash and put them directly into the recycling bins. 

Big industries cause massive environmental impacts—given their similarly massive and often improper waste disposal and residues from their operations. Nowadays, enterprises consistently observe proper recycling, such as the oil and gas industries, pharmaceuticals, and food manufacturing industries. These industries also utilize PD blowers to make recycling easier.  

3. Saves Time And Effort 

Moreover, a PD blower can help reduce the amount of time it takes to clean up your workplace. Cleaning up areas that are grimy and dust-ridden can be a long and arduous task, especially if the airflow is inconsistent. However, with the help of PD blowers, you can clean up wide areas efficiently. Not only can you save time and effort, but your employees can focus on more critical tasks other than cleaning up dirt.


Positive displacement blowers are exceptionally beneficial for many industries—making them indispensable these days. From saving fuel to minimizing waste, PD blowers can do so much for all businesses. Their popularity never diminishes due to their functionality and cost-efficient design.

What’s even more impressive is that there are various types of PD blowers available for each industry. There is a specific type of PD blower that suits a particular business. Thus, you will never run out of options. That’s why food industries and environmental services also utilize PD blowers for environmental and practical reasons.

As long as you can find a reputable PD blower company to supply your needs, you can save on operational expenses from using fuel. Discuss with them the kind of PD blower you need and do not hesitate to go through the specifics to ensure that you purchase the right one. Since PD blowers vary in size, there is a tendency for you to buy the wrong kind for your business. You can do a bit of research and contact a PD blower company to recommend the accurate specifications for your kind of industry.