Move-X selected u-blox chip-to-cloud positioning solution for its new Cicerone board LoRa Connectivity Solution

High-performance, low-power Cicerone board combines the Move-X MAMWLE LoRa module & the u-blox MAX-M10S GNSS module connected to u-blox CloudLocate IoT Location-as-a-Service

Move-X has chosen to integrate u-blox positioning technology and u-blox chip-to-cloud positioning solution in their new LoRa connectivity solution – the Cicerone board.

Cicerone board leverages u-blox CloudLocate service

On the move and in the field, asset tracking IoT devices need to be ultra-low-power. Move-X’s new Cicerone board gives asset tracking application designers the meter-level accuracy and long-range, ultra-low-power data communication they need by leveraging CloudLocate, the u-blox in-cloud positioning service.

As you would expect, both the Move-X MAMWLE LoRa and the u-blox MAX-M10S GNSS (global navigation satellite system) modules are designed to operate with extremely low power consumption. However, an additional power saving edge occurs when CloudLocate calculates and delivers the position in the cloud rather than on the device.

CloudLocate maximizes power autonomy up to 10X with off-device calculation

CloudLocate enables positioning in the cloud to extend the life of energy constrained IoT applications, with up to 10X energy savings over a standalone, on-device, GNSS power savings approach. Only the uplink connectivity is needed to send data packets as small as 12-50 bytes to CloudLocate, where location resolution is done off-device and delivered to the enterprise cloud. 

CloudLocate increases device lifespan in the field and lowers operational burdens

Ideally suited for IoT applications that require large power autonomy, a few position updates per day, reasonable position accuracy, and for which location is needed in the cloud, CloudLocate significantly increases device lifespan in the field while lowering operational burdens.

Applications spanning the globe for the Cicerone board

Compatible with the Arduino MKR form factor, Move-X have big aspirations for the new Cicerone board with potential applications spanning the globe across multiple industries where high-performance GNSS, long range wireless connection, superior MCU processing and ultra-low-power consumption are required.