Mouser offers Infineon General-Purpose MOSFETs for Power Conversion Applications

Mouser Electronics offers a wide range of General-Purpose MOSFETs from Infineon Technologies. For designers seeking MOSFETs to help meet project, pricing, or logistical requirements, Infineon’s broad portfolio of high-voltage and low-voltage MOSFETs deliver flexibility, value and adaptability for a wide variety of applications.

Infineon General-Purpose MOSFETs

Infineon General-Purpose MOSFETs are available from Mouser Electronics in both low-voltage versions for designs up to 250 V or high-voltage options for designs from 500 V to 900 V. The low-voltage MOSFETs include a wide range of single and dual N- and P-channel devices with drain-source breakdown voltages ranging from 20 V to 600 V. The drain-source resistance for these devices is rated at 1.1 mOhms to 30 Ohms, and the continuous drain current ranges from 100 mA to 260 A. These low-voltage MOSFETs have an operating temperature range from -55°C to +175°C and are AEC-Q101 qualified.

The high-voltage MOSFETs feature drain-source breakdown voltages ranging from 500 V to 900 V, a drain-source resistance from 77 mOhms to 4.68 Ohms, and a continuous drain current ranging from 1 A to 54.9 A. The minimum operating temperature for these devices goes as low as -40°C, and power dissipation ranges from 5 W to 500 W.

Infineon’s general-purpose MOSFETs are available from Mouser in a wide range of package options, including a SOT-23, PQFN, SuperSO8, TO-252 (DPAK), SOT-223, and TO-220. All of the devices are also supported by Infineon’s online design tools, simulation models and comprehensive product support documentation.

Ideally suited for a broad range of power conversion and management applications, these general-purpose MOSFETs can be integrated into designs that require reverse battery protection capabilities, switching power between alternate sources, or the powering down of unrequired loads. Target applications include switch mode power supplies, chargers and adapters, lighting, TV power supplies, server/telecom devices, battery-powered applications, motor control and drives, and battery management systems.