Push-Button Attenuators for Test Instrumentation, Cellular, Wireless & Satellite Communications

Pasternack introduced a new series of push-button attenuators to address multiple applications, including test instrumentation and cellular, wireless and satellite communications.

Pasternack’s new line of continuously variable attenuators features even greater maximum power ratings of 5 watts and 10 watts, an operating frequency range up to 18 GHz and attenuation levels up to 50 dB.

The new variable phase shifters provide frequency ranges at 2 GHz, 4 GHz and 8 GHz along with a 100-watt power rating. These variable phase shifters also have adjustable phases at 60 degree/GHz, 90 degree/GHz and 180 degree/GHz.

The step attenuators are engineered for superior RF performance with frequency ranges at 6 GHz, 8 GHz and 18 GHz. They feature attenuation levels including 10, 60, 70 and 99 dB, and attenuation steps at 1 dB and 10 dB depending on the model.

“Our customers are now able to reliably and precisely adjust the transmission phases and attenuation levels in their RF systems with our expansive line of attenuators and phase shifters. As the leading supplier of these products, we stock all of them ensuring our customers get their components quickly,” said Steven Pong, Product Line Manager.

Push-Button Attenuators

Pasternack’s new push-button attenuators are in-stock and available for same-day shipping.